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Corina Bartra: The jewel of Afro-Peruvian Jazz + Upcoming presentations

"We like Corina Bartra is made to feel on stage and in her productions with a beautiful 
fusion of Peruvian folklore and jazz, both in music and in her melodious voice", 
Luis Raúl Montell - Jazz Caribe

The CD:
"Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration"
Corina Bartra & her Azu Project

The Tracks:
1. The Cinnamon Flower; 2. Chacombo; 3. You Took Me by Surprise; 4. Stella by Starlight; 5. Toro Mata; 6. Shrimp; 7. No Valentín; 8. A Shoots Sweet Potato with Foot; 9. You do not know what Love is; 10. Afro Peruvian Folk Song; 11. Bridge of Sighs; 12. Yambambo; 13. I will not Regret a Moment

The Musicians:
Corina Bartra (vocals); Cliff Korman (piano); Vince Cherico (drums); Xavier Perez (sax); Perico Diaz (drawer); Motto Fukushima (bass); Andres Prado (guitar 1, 2, 5 and 6); Alonso Acosta (piano 1, 2, 5 and 6); Oscar Torres (drums 1, 2, 5 and 6); Abel Garcia (sax 1, 2, 5 and 6); Eduardo Freire (bass 1, 2, 5 and 6); Dante Oliveros and Perico Diaz (box 1, 2, 5 and 6); Tino Dorado (piano 7); Peter Brainin (sax 7); Oscar Stagnaro (bass 7); Fred Berryhill, Perico Diaz (percussion 7); Vince Cherico (drums 7); Jay Rodriguez (sax 8, 10 and 12); David Hertzberg (bass 8, 10 and 12)

This "Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration" is the latest CD released by the Blue Spiral label of the outstanding vocalist, composer and arranger Corina Bartra, in which in addition to continuing to offer songs by its legendary Chabuca Granda, Carlos Soto Colina, Pepe Vasquez and four themes of his own inspiration. Miss Bartra once again located her native Peru between North America and South America to achieve her goal of bringing together, in a single, colorful music.

The recording took place in New York at Peter Karl Studio and in Lima at Elias Ponce Studio, with Miss Bartra counting with the support of the North and South musicians such as Cliff Korman, Vince Cherico, Perico Díaz, Peter Brainin, Oscar Stagnaro And Jay Rodriguez, among others.

Miss Bartra makes this production an authentic 'Celebration' since it is the confirmation of the acceptance throughout the world of this sub-genre of Latin Jazz: Afro Peruvian Jazz and of course we are all glad this fact as it confirms the vast Expansion and growth of our fantastic music.

Miss Bartra, who has numerous presentations at concerts and festivals, is now preparing a new performance at the Kennedy Center, where she has already triumphed, in the US capital of Washington, with her sextet consisting of: Steve Sandberg (piano), Victor Murillo (bass), Perico Diaz (drawer), Daniel Silva (drums) and Jay Rodriguez (sax). The invitation is for the 9 of August 2017 to the 6 of the afternoon and the entrance is free. In the list of musical pieces selected that will interpret Corina Bartra in this opportunity includes of all its productions.

Corina Bartra's Notes:

A sophisticated singer of Latin Jazz, Jazz and music from the contemporary world of Peru.
Corina was the first vocalist to merge Afro Peruana, Creole with jazz. He was also a pioneer and innovator of subtle and exciting instrumental textures in his compositions, arrangements and the format of his band. She writes extensive introductions, interludes, and solos loaded with witty rhythms and beautiful harmonies. She inspires and guides her arrangers in following her direction. With this vision, she added an instrumental section as the only project. Corina has an immense versatility and flexibility in her singing. The Azú project is not its only project. What is significant about Corina is that she is a unique and original artist.

Corina Bartra has a Bachillerato percussion from Long Island University and Mnnes College of Music from Manhattan, NYC. Corina also has a masters vocal singing from the prestigious Queens College of Queens College with the respective honors and in addition to great jazz luminaries such as Kirk Lightsey, Santi Debriano, Steve Berrios, Vince Cherico, Cliff Koror, etc., studying all the Teachers who have come before her and building the International Sound of Jazz and Music of the contemporary world. In one of her pioneering CD's Sol Bambú, she bugs in Afro Peruvian, Creole, and other Latin subcorrients that sets her apart from the crowds. His music has been played in the United States, some countries in Europe and Peru. At this moment it is in the charts United States and Canada.

Corina Bartra's other pioneering and expanding work on barriers was her first recording: Corina Bartra Quartet, an LP out of print today and will soon be re-edited. Corina incorporated the Peruvian box next to great luminaries of the Jazz like Santi Debriano, Kirk Lightsey and Clifford Barbaro. Corina is in the book: The Jazz Singers: by Scott Yanow. Today its

Latest recording? Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration? Or "Celebrating the Afro Peruvian Jazz? Crowns his achievements within this field.

Acknowledgment of the American Embassy for Corina Bartra & Azu for acting in Peru
A Recognition of the Carnegie Foundation for Acting in Public Libraries throughout New York City
Special guest as an actress by the Peruvian Ambassador to the United Nations
Dean's Listed (University of Mannes) and Honors Graduate (University of L.I.)
Corina Bartra performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
Corina Bartra has been recipient of a 2008 Arts Council Award in Queens

Here we have this video of one of his successful concerts:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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