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The bolero jazz Sonia Alfonso take the romance to Subrosa, New York City


8:00PM & 10:00PM  

New Release "Feeling Good" 

Sonia Alfonso was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and since she was young, she knew that she would become an artist.  Sonia began singing professionally at the age 18 and was only 19 when she represented her country in Mexico during the OTI Festival in 1984 obtaining 5th place out of the 21 countries that participated.
After a great career as a ballad singer, Sonia discovered her passion for acting. She made a few appearances at prominent musical theater productions as "Claudia", one of the main characters, in the first Spanish version of the renowned Broadway musical "In The Heights" from Lin Manuel Miranda.  Sonia also participated in a few films including "The Feast of the Goat" with Isabella Rosellinni and Steven Bauer and participated in the bio-picture "Maria Montez" with Celines Toribio.
Sonia is at a turning point in her life as an artist participating in the jazz genre, making it big with a new jazz album entitled "Feeling Good" for which she successfully made the Spanish adaptation of 2 great jazz standards, "Summertime" ("Es Verano") and "The Man I Love" ("Mi Gran Amor").  Both versions received approval from Warner Chappell & Warner Brothers.
The Dominican singer has also written the English adaptation of the Latin classic "Voy a Apagar la Luz" ("I Will Turn Off The Light") from the great Mexican author Armando Manzanero.  He was very pleased with her adaptation.  Sonia invited the great Cuban trumpet player Arturo Sandoval, (winner of nine Grammys®) to participate in this version.
Sonia was the first Dominican jazz singer at the Blue Note Jazz Festival 2016which was celebrating their 50th anniversary.   She's scheduled to perform with her band this coming September 22 and 24 at Subrosa Night Club in the West Village-NYC. This is a gig you don't want to miss!  Reserve now!
In this new season full of dreams, we are excited to hear more music and good news from Sonia Alfonso. She is definitely the Dominican Voice of Jazz.

Enjoy the following video where the bolero jazz is a real delight:

Subrosa Night Club  
63 Gansevoort St.  
New York, NY 10014  
Press Contact: Scott Thompson PR

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Lupa Santiago 4teto new CD "Ubuntu" Brazilian Jazz, concert today and more ...!

Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister: Ubuntu

"Always innovative ideas are welcome and Lupa Santiago makes an important 
contribution to Brazilian Jazz". Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

The CD:
Lupa Santiago 4teto

1. Probably Maybe; 2. Dauphine; 3. Night Eyes; 4. Two for Eleven; 5. Trails; 6. Enfim SUS; 7. Eco System

The Musicians:
Lupa Santiago (guitar, composer); Leandro Cabral (piano); Alex Buck (drums); Bruno Migotto (bass); special guest: Ed Neumeister (trobone, composer)

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning: "I am what I am because of who we all are".

In the words of Lupa:
"Ed and I me briefly in Austria in 2012, where the lives. This was a special occasion for me because, in the history of jazz, Ed is an exceptional and renowned trombonist, arranger, and composer. After a few emails, we set up a week of shows in Brazil playing my music and his. When I received Ed's compositions, I realized how to make the project something even more interesting and bring it all up to the next level: I called Leandro, Bruno and Alex, who are excellent instrumentalists and composers, besides being grat friends...Our souls, raw, spontaneous, for all. "Ubuntu!".

The international opening of Brazilian guitarist and composer Lupa Santiago is a valuable contribution to the continued growth of the Latin Jazz. They will enjoy an exquisite and simple music, perhaps it so nice to come to him personally in these upcoming shows:

Sep/17         Artmanha                                 Lupa Santiago & Paulo Braga

Sep/20         Madeleine, Sao Paulo              Lupa Santiago & Rubinho Antunes

Sep/22          Adunicamp, Sao Paulo            Lupa Santiago & Rodrigo Ursaia

lupa-santiago-10Lupa Santiago Notes:

Lupa Santiago performed and / or recorded with many jazz international artists in Brazil, and tours in Europe (France, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Estonia, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands), South America ( Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru), South Africa and the USA, alongside names like David Binney, John Escreet to Jerry Bergonzi, Bill Pierce, Jaleel Shaw, Dave Liebman, Ronan Guilfoyle, Jarmo Savolainen, Ohad Talmor, Benoit Sourisse, André Charlier, Didier Lockwood, Jakob Anderskov, Dave Pietro, Howard Levy, Adonis Rose, Ed Neumeister, Oscar Stagnaro, Magos Herrera, Bob Kaufman and Jamey Haddad.

Besides Brazilian artists: Roberto Menescal, Daniel D'Alcântara, Helio Alves, Nelson Faria, Sizão Machado, Vinicius Dorin, Edu Ribeiro, Rogério Bocato, Nene, Cuca Teixeira among others.
With 17 CD's released as a leader in their groups (5teto Rodrigo Ursaia, Rule of Three, Lupa Santiago Sextet, sine qua non, Duo Paulo Braga), the first of which was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards, and participation in the cd's other artists. He participated in several festivals in Brazil: Ourinhos, Itajaí / SC, Cascavel / PR, Brazil Instrumental, CIVEBRA (GMT), Berklee on The Road and Domingos Martins / ES.

Lupa Santiago a master's degree at the Boston Conservatory and Berklee College Of Music graduated from Berklee College of Music and graduated from the Musicians Institute (GIT / Los Angeles) received twice, the prize Best Of Berklee (1998 and 2000) elected in 2009 and re elected in 2014 member of the board of IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz).

Lupa Santiago's Pedagogical Coordinator and Vice Dean of the School Souza Lima / SP, and author of three books (Improvisation Modern I, Play Along metrics Odd and Chord Dictionary and Voices Driving) launched in Brazil (Editora Souza Lima) and Europe , Asia and the USA (Advance Music). It was the Best Musical Mind Festival jury member (Belgrade / Serbia 2016).

Let's hear two extraordinary teachers who will be together on stage again Lupa Santiago & Paulo Braga:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!! 

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Little Johnny Rivero "Music In Me" CD Release Party @ SOB's Thursday, September 29th!

Little Johnny Rivero
"Music In Me"
CD Release Party
Thursday, September 29th
@ SOB's
204 Varick St
New York, NY 10014

New CD

With one foot rooted in his native Puerto Rico and the other firmly planted New York City's "El Barrio," it is only fitting that Little Johnny Rivero's second effort as a leader titled, “Music in Me,” delivers its Latin Jazz groove with underpinnings of traditional Afro-Cuban percussion and rhythms.
From the relentless, driving bata voicing in Alambique, to the haunting background chants that color, Africa My Land, to the staccato horn runs peppered throughout the title track, "Music in Me" delivers a unified theme of Latin Jazz, improvisation, and color.
"Ever since I was a young boy, I listened to a wide range of music," says Rivero, "including Tito Puente, Machito, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Tony Bennett, all of which my father had in his record collection. Also, there were always rumba jams. Inside of me is a Latin Jazz Rumba."
Music in Me features trumpeter Brian Lynch, alto saxophonist Louis Fouché, pianist Zaccai Curtis and bass player Luques Curtis. Special guests include trombonist Conrad Herwig, trumpeter Jonathan Powell, violinist Alfredo de la Fé, percussionists AnthonyCarrillo and Luisito Quintero, vocalists Manny Mieles and Edwin Ramos and Giovanni Almonte (spoken word).
The repertoire runs the gamut …
Mr. LP is dedicated to Martin Cohen, the founder of Latin Percussion and an inspiration.
Rivero first performed the tune, Let's Do It Again with pianist Zaccai Curtis and bassist Luques Curtis. When he commented on how much he liked the song, Zaccai replied, "Let's Do It Again!"
Little Giants is a Latin Jazz Mambo inspired by the words of arranger, Andy Guzman, who said to Rivero, "You're not little Johnny, you're a GIANT."
Palmieri, Much Respect is, a smooth cha-cha dedicated to Maestro, mentor Eddie Palmieri. "It makes me think of being on a smooth ride with Palmieri," says Rivero.
Africa My Land emphasizes the debt Afro-Caribbean music owes to the motherland. Giovanni Almonte contributes poetry and song.
"Once you hear Bombazúl, which features the original barrill de bombas, you'll feel like you're looking at the simple beauty of clear, blue sky," says Rivero. Louis Fouché adds just the right amount of color to the tune.
Afro Rykan Thoughts brings on the funk!
Alambique, is a nod to the beach in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico where rumberos hung out and jammed during the 1980s. The tune features Luisito Quintero and Alfredo de la Fe.
To date, Rivero has performed on nearly 100 recordings with La Sonora Ponceña, Eddie Palmieri, Bebo Valdés, Charlie Palmieri, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Paquito D' Rivera, Brian Lynch and Conrad Herwig among others.
Also, he has collaborated with such world-renowned percussionists such as Changuito, Giovanni Hidalgo, Carlos "Patato" Valdes, Angel "Cachete" Maldonado and legendary jazz drummers Joe Chambers and Ralph Peterson Jr.
Music in Me is sure to please listeners and dancers alike. Join Little Johnny Rivero as he pays homage to his roots, his musical guides and the rumba within.

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

Pre- Order:

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Hurrah! for the new CD "Cielo Nocturno" guitarist Russ Hewitt

Russ Hewitt | Cielo Nocturno

"If the Caribbean is imprecedible at all ... so is Russ Hewitt musically. Improvisation in their original compositions filled with ecstatic lover of flamenco. carioca, creole for 
its deep mixes jazz" - Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

The CD:

"Cielo Nocturno"
Russ Hewitt


1. Presidio; 2 Samba Sao Paulo; 3. Serenidad; 4. San Elizario; 5. North of Home; 6. Arenas Blancas; 7. Cervezas and Cigars; 8. Um Abraco do Bossa; 9. Brisa de Monte; 10. Persian Sky; 11. Hike to La Cruz

The Musicians:

Russ Hewitt (solo, rhythm guitar); Alfredo Caceres (rhythm guitar); Bob Parr (bass, keyboards); Raphael Padilla (percussion); Walfredo Ryes Jr. (drums); Vladimir Kaliazine (accordion); special guest: Larry Carlton (melody/harmony guitar 5); Ardeshir Farah (melody harmony guitar 10)

Guitarist virtuoso Russ Hewitt is known for his rumba flamenco rhythms and lightning guitar runs which have become trademarks of his distinctive style. Hewitt's two releases, Bajo el Sol and Alma Vieja, has garnered press and reviews from all over the world and praise among his peers and his new release, Cielo Nocturno is set to do the same. Cielo Nocturno features a stellar line up of backing musicians including percussionist Raphael Padilla (Miami Sound Machine, Shakira, Chris Isaak), drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Santana, Steve Winwood, Chicago), guitarist Larry Carlton, guitarist Ardeshir Farah (Strunz and Farah), bassist Bob Parr (Cher, Brian Setzer Orchestra), guitarist Alfredo Caceres (Gipsy Kings All-Stars), and accordionist Vladimir Kaliazine. All three releases were mastered by Chris Bellman (Van Halen, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Elton John).

Hewitt is known as download his passionate soul about his favorite subjects: Gypsy and Brazilian

Russ Hewitt Notes:
Hewitt's first CD, Bajo el Sol, gained favorable opinion rapidly, translating into prolific air play and a ten week stay at #1 on Music Choice, the satellite-cable television smooth jazz playlist, and maintained a constant presence on the Smooth Jazz indie charts for over 16 weeks. The first track to be released to radio -- the dazzlingly Latin flavored title cut -- climbed into the Top 20 with the two that followed enjoying similar success. ‘Lydia’ peaked at #15 and stormed onto the Billboard's Top 40, while ‘El Beso’ made it onto that same Top 40 listing. The second CD, Alma Vieja, produced an additional two Top 40 Smooth Jazz singles ‘Pacific Sunrise’ and ‘Samba Samba’. North of Home featuring the four time Grammy winner Larry Carlton will be the first single released from Cielo Nocturno.

In addition, Bajo el Sol made the ballot for the 52nd Grammy Awards in the categories Best Pop Instrumental Performance, Best Pop Instrumental Album, Best Instrumental Composition, Best Instrumental Arrangement and Best Engineered Album (in the non-classical section). ‘El Beso’ was included in the Top 100 Smooth Jazz Songs of 2009 and, most significantly, from a field of 15,000 applicants. Hewitt gained an ‘Honorable Mention’ for the title song 'Bajo el Sol' in the Instrumental Music category at the 2009 International Songwriting Competition.

Hewitt has endorsements from Godin guitars, Radial Engineering, Analysis Plus Cables, Morley Pedals, V-Picks, Voodoo Lab, BBF Pedalboards, Primacoustic, Mission Engineering and DLS Effects who feature him on their artist's page and website. In edition to doing artist interviews and a monthly lesson column in the guitar magazine ‘The Sound’, Russ continues to extend his boundaries into soundtracks and commercial work having won five Telly Awards for 'Parent Compass' and the DVD companion to the New York Best Seller 'The Harbinger Decoded' by Johnathan Cahn. This year saw the released of The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked which immediately went to #1 in Amazon's Faith & Spirituality category. Russ has also written the music in the upcoming feature film Thirst: Mission Liberia which has already won a Silver Telly, the top award, in the spiritual/ faith category and a Bronze Telly in the Documentary category.

Below we enjoy the following video, where Russ Hewitt does enjoy their fans of their music:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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"Band of young killer female musicians play like seasoned veterans. The music is a real treat
 - Downbeat
"Jane Bunnett and Maqueque... utterly shatters the glass ceiling of Afro Cuban Jazz"
  - Boston  Globe
"If they are coming anywhere near your town, go see them!"
- Jon Garelick, Giant Steps
August 18, 2016 (Toronto, ON) - Four-time JUNO Award winner, two-time Grammy nominee, and Officer of the Order of Canada, soprano saxophonist/flautist Jane Bunnett & Maqueque is set to release "Oddara" on October 14, 2016 via Linus Entertainment.
Jane Bunnett's continuing quest to seek out and present musical talent untapped and unheard beyond the confines of the island nohas led her down many roads, and it was during a trip 30 years ago to Havana, Cuba she discovered then-unknown musicians and formed the all-star ensemble Maqueque (pronounced "Mah-Keh-Keh", meaning "the energy of a young girl's spirit.") Their 2014 self-titled debut CD was awarded a much-deserved Juno Award for Best Group Jazz Album of the Year.

Jane Bunnett's assembly of all-star Cuban musicians, the sextet which includes herself and five extraordinary young females, ensured a spotlight for their fluid, seamless music.  "Everything I've done," Jane says with pride, "has led up to this group, which is the perfect vehicle for now."  Maqueque currently includes Yissy Garcia on drums, Dánae Olano on piano, Magdelys Savigne on batá drums and congas, Elizabeth Rodriguez on violin and vocals and Celia Jiménez on bass. Maqueque often features guest stars Melvis Santa on percussion and vocals, as well as Dayme Arocena assisting vocals.

With cover art by Spain's most-famous and successful designers, Javier Mariscal, "Oddara" fills the air with intoxicating spirit of joy and electricity, and live, their shape-shifting enthusiasm is contagious, thrilling audiences in clubs and festivals throughout North America. Their smiling faces and lively attitude radiates their spirit, and speak to their love of performing. And audiences wouldn't have it any other way - Maqueque's fresh, inventive, no-compromise music earned the group a standing ovation at the Kennedy Center, a rare encore at the Chicago Jazz Festival, and four sold out nights at Chicago's legendary Jazz Showcase. Maqueque also received the Premiers Award for Excellence In The Arts this past October and performed in NPR offices where they filmed a session for Tiny Desk Concert series.  

Jane and Maqueque will kick off their tour in San Jose, CA and will go on to play shows across the U.S and Canada with additional dates to be added. A list of confirmed dates are below.

  1. Little Feet   
  2. Dream                                   
  3. El Chivo
  4. 25 New Moves
  5. Song For You
  6. Power of Two (Ibeyi)
  7. La Flamenca Maria
  8. Eulogy
  9. Tres Golpes
  10. Changui Guaso
  11. Cafe Pilon
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA
Kuumwba Jazz Center
Santa Cruz, CA
The Arlington Hotel & Pub
Maynooth, ON
Guelph Jazz Festival
Guelph, ON
Kensington Market Music Festival
Toronto, ON
Hugh's Room (CD Launch)
Toronto, ON
Shenkman Arts Centre
Ottawa, ON
Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Burlington, ON
Markham Flato Theatre
Markham, ON
New York, NY
New York, NY

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

U.S. Press Contact: Scott Thompson PR

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2016

Today "Latin Roots of Jazz" begins with Master John Santos Museum of African Diaspora, San Francisco, CA

Latin American music and musicians have played fundamental and innovative roles in the history and evolution of jazz. Jelly Roll, Louie, Duke and Diz are among the legions of jazz pioneers who acknowledged these facts. The Latin Roots of Jazz is the continuation of John Santos’ ongoing yearly series presented by the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, the Museum of the African Diaspora, and SFJAZZ, featuring live musical examples (in weeks one and six) in addition to selections from his legendary collection of audio and video recordings.
The Latin Roots of Jazz
Six-class series co-presented by MoAD, YBGF, and SFJAZZ
Wednesdays, August 10 - September 14, 7PM - 9PM

John Santos, Instructor
Venue: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) · 685 Mission St.
Koret Discover Jazz Series at MoAD: The Latin Roots of Jazz

Aug 177:00pm
Koret Discover Jazz Course - Afro-Cuban Roots 2
Venue: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) 685 Mission Street, S.F.
Aug 247:00pm
Koret Discover Jazz Course: Puerto Rican Roots
Venue: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) 685 Mission Street, S.F.
Aug 317:00pm
Koret Discover Jazz Course: Brazilian Roots
Venue: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) 685 Mission Street, S.F.
Sep 077:00pm
Koret Discover Jazz Course: Jazz Latino
Venue: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) 685 Mission Street, S.F.
Sep 147:00pm
Koret Discover Jazz Course: Spanish Routes
Venue: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) 685 Mission Street, S.F.

"The educational aspect is extremely important. Disclosure of Latin Jazz through forums, seminars and classes helps people know more our musical genre and appreciate it in all its extension" - Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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Andy Narell, Cesar Lopez, Izaline Calister, Tony Succar, Randal Corsen, Carlos Bislip and + pa 'Aruba (Caribbean Sea Jazz Fest 2016)

Beach, sun, sand, water and terrestrial sports a lot, multiple entertainment, a tasty meal, a picturesque craft a friendly people, definitely tall tourism Add to that a well-organized Festival of Jazz = Aruba.

23 and September 24 of this year is scheduled the realization of the traditional Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, and the expectation is great for the quality of guest artists.
The organizers of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba 2016 have spared in bringing the "Happy Island" a large contingent of interpreters of Latin and Contemporary Jazz.

Andy Narell with Caribbo, as always, will be a show that fits the island of Aruba. Steel pan the sound from the hands of one of his great performers, will dance the audience and filled the whole atmosphere of joy, just like a carnival. The Caribbean is there. More than twenty albums as a leader or co-leader, has recorded Narell, even -Grammy Awards- Caribbean Jazz Project, but the best has gone around the world several times with the original instrument of Trinidad & Tobago featuring acclaimed concerts. Narell also achieved notoriety with the instruction that conveys to children and young people, workshops and classes. The, Narell, is a hero of Latin Jazz and will be able to enjoy his wise and passionate performance of calypso, rumbas, boleros, etc., has just released a new CD "Dis 1. 4 Rae" and will be accompanied in this Etienne event Stadswijk 'ATN', Harvey Wirth and others.

Saxophonist Cesar Lopez is reaching international sitial justifies his talent and work of many years. Accompanied by Emilio Martin (guitar), David Fayo (bass) and Otto Santana (percussion) make up the quartet Havana Ensemble, which after being awarded in his home Cuba is now receiving praise where they occur. Fridays and Saturdays are presented in Jazz Café and Café Miramar, two major jazz clubs located in Havana, but his tour abroad to been extensive in the coming days will be in Harlem-Havana Music Festival in New York and then JMF Jefu Music Fest in South Korea before arriving in Oranjestad. Lopez has recorded 10 CD and Havana Ensemble recently launched its "Live".

The "Lady of Latin Jazz" Izaline Calister, daughter of the Netherlands Antilles, premiered songs from her new album "Rajo di Lus" in which she collaborated with groups Kuerta I Tambu and Buleria. With a domain scene, sympathy and a vocalization that has won him fans in the world Calister continues to be at the heart of all.

Tony Succar will double prsentacion in the Arubiano Festival. On Friday 23 with its Latin Show and Friday with the Tribute Latin to Michael Jackson on the latter: 2016 Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will rock your world, with a soul-thumping performance of Latin tribute band 'Unity', featuring Latin pop sensation Jon Secada. Born in Peru and raised in Miami, talented multi-instrumentalist and composer Tony Succar HAD Already developed a great ear for infusing spirit into famous classical Latin jazz.

Randal Corsen one of the best pianists in the Dutch Caribbean that been notable sidemen jazz bands taking major stakes in concerts and festivals will be this time with Levi Silvanie. Corsen came to play with the Jazz Venezolano Gerardo Rosales conga player and bandleader.

The Caribbean Combo in an established ensemble of the Scol di Musica Rufo Wever under the Leadership of Carlos Bislip. The concept of esta ensemble is to familiarize the young student with Rhythms of our region "The Caribbean and South America" ​​and using songs of the "Great American Song Book" as vehicles to Achieve ITS goal.

In scenarios Renaissance Festival Plaza will also be local artists and bands and other regions such as Franklin Jazz Orchestra, Bonnarriba & Croeze, Ben Liebrand, Frankie Yanga, Serghio Jansen and the famous Kool & The Gang.

For those who intend to go to this fantastic festival we recommend that already make their reservations, because the avalanche of fans not only come from the American continent but Europe.

The Aruba Tourism offices with his staff always are ready to give diligent information event in Caracas Venezuela, have an excellent team led by Miriam Dabian and Johana Santiago.

The slogan of Aruba is the On Happy Island = "beach days, jazz concert nights".

Here is a pre-Festival as the master Andy Narell with his pupils:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!