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Aruba celebrate the 10th edition big your Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival! (II)

Caribbean Sea Jazz Fest 2016

Friday October 23: After the hearty breakfast on "The View" one of the restaurants at the Marriott I started to perform the steps that had provided in Oranjestad.

The rest of the invited journalists would go to fun paseoen the boat Jolly Pirates, # 1 for Fun, travel I know from previous invitations and preparing Aruba Tourism Authority.

Here was evidence is something I have repeated over and over again, tourism and jazz go hand in hand. The sun, beach, walks during the day and evening good shows, good music: Jazz.

Towards noon realize after some issues, I went to the Renaissance Festival Plaza to see the preparations, we were within hours of starting the important event and what I saw was an intense activity on stage and around these.

Decided to return to the hotel and visit the spectacular Palm Beach, but leaving the venue of the Festival, I hear you call me by my name and was the friend Angel Leon founder of Fashion Week Aruba from a local called me. Weeks ago we had been in the cocktail ATA on upcoming events in Aruba.

Mr. Ernest Giel, our guide-friend, transfer us to the Renaissance Market Place where we would dine, near the Festival, and good fish.

Luis Raul Montell and Tony Succar (photo Ingrid Moesan)
Walking to the headquarters of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Fest could notice the high volume of attendees, and spaces began to be occupied by fans of Jazz Dutch Caribbean and around the world. I was preparing for presentations correspondian me at the Divi scenario: Franklin Granadillo Jazz Orchestra and Tony Succar Latin Show.

He was very aware of Andy Narell & Caribbo, would be a great opportunity to greet this friend, star of the steel pan.

My input expressions: Mi ta na Aruba Happy With ta bai, Hurrah The Latin Jazz !! and my comments about the Festival, its organization (Erik Eman and Friso Veenman), guests began to motivate attendees.

Franklin Granadillo Jazz Orchestra with a mixture of varied rhythms in jazz, including Latin Jazz, as in his musicians, veterans and youth, opened with much enthusiasm and delight the public. Almost simultaneously Narell met Caribbo one danced and applauded performance at the Purple scenario. Narell with Etienne Stadswijk (A.T.N.) and Harvey Wirth fell short of expectations and showed their easy understanding.

By this time I had no place for a soul more in the facilities of Renaissance Festival Plaza.

A hands I get a triptych where Tierras del Sol Resort & Golf, very cool, invited to play golf and then enjoy the Jazz on the terrace (hole 19).

Tony came Succar and his contingent, that first night (23 September 2016) went to Latin Jazz.

Luis Raul Montell and Venezuelan musicians
Succar Cuban, Costa Rican, Venezuelan was bringing, he is Peruvian. That fusion of nationalities set off an explosion of taste, many people danced and raved in their squares.

Rodner Padilla (bass), Nieger Aguilera (congas), Oscar Dudamel (sax), Ramses Araya (bongo), Kemuel Roig (piano), Jesus Mato (trumpet), John Normandin (trombone), three vocalists Fernando Vargas, Maribel Diaz and Kevin Ceballo, and surprise the guitar master Leo Quintero, joined this sensational band.

The accompanying presentation with terms like this: "We are in the Caribbean The Caribbean is the heart of Las Americas, this Aruba in the Caribbean." ... "The Caribbean is unpredictable".

For lovers of Latin Jazz was a real enjoyment performances Narell & Caribbo as well as Succar and tremendous band. Great show that closed around half past one with the always wanted Kool & The Gang.

With this video we remember something of joy overwhelmed with Tony Succar and his band, and Andy Narell and Caribbo...gozalo!:


¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!! 

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