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The Cubop City Big Band held world 20 years of success with their leader Lucas van Merwijk

20 Years Cubop City Big Band 

The Cubop City Big Band

20 years of latin big band sounds
Cubop City Big Band was founded in 1995 by drummer Lucas van Merwijk and was named after the New York club ‘Cubop City’, the stage where during the fourties and fifties pioneers as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Machito, Mario Bauzá and Chano Pozo would mix Cuban music and Bebop into Cubop.

During the last two decades the band has captured the latin big band sound, performing and in many cases adapting the music of key figures such as Machito, Beny Moré, Arsenio Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Emilano Salvador and Grupo Afro Cuba.
Invited artists have included Edy Martinez, who heavily contributed with his arrangements, Armando Peraza, Alfredo 'Chocolate' Armenteros, Andy Gonzalez, Edmar Castañeda, Roberto Quintero, Luis Conte and Nelson Gonzalez.

On the occasion of their now 20 years existence the band is currently preparing a special anniversary project entitled:
  • Ayer Hoy Mañana (Yesterday Today Tomorrow)
Within this latin big band project the music of three important musical icons will be recorded and performed.
More details about the identities of these seemingly unalike musical forces will be revealed soon.

Dutch drummer Lucas van Merwijk

has been busy with various latin big band projects during the last months.
These projects included concerts in Los Angeles in coorperation with the CSULA at the Museum of Latin American Art and musical collaboration with the Dutch Royal Air Force big band playing the music of Beny Moré.
The Cubop City Big Band was the featured orchestra at the prestigious Dutch Kingdom Concert in the presence of King Willem Alexander.
Upcoming latin bigband projects include a coorperation with the jazz big band of the UHK Utrecht Conservatory and the Airforce big band of Finland.
Music will include arrangements from compositions by Emiliano Salvador, Chucho Valdez, Machito and the Uruguayan band Opa.
'With this tribute, Cubop has taken the big band sound to a new level and I'm wondering how they are going to top this.'
'a must for Latin big band fanatics that, in my humble opinion, will have you dancing with joy.'
'Utilizing the expertise of the veteran arranger and pianist Eddy Martínez, who did the outstanding arrangements, Van Merwijk was able to capture that Latin big band sound and spirit. The band beautifully interprets tunes that were either composed or made famous by Moré, all Cuban standards. This CD swings from beginning to end.
SONNY BRAVO (New York arranger/ piano player for Tito Puente for many years
‘…as I'm listening, the track that almost knocked me off my chair was: "A Puerto Padre!" Wow! Kudos to Marc for taking it where no man has gone before, not even J.M. Ceruto! Great piano solo, too! A well deserved tip-of-the-hat to a great aggregation, which you have indeed done and done it very well!
I think the CD is terrific, incl. the charts, the "adaptations," and the solos! 
MARTY SHELLER (legendary NY arranger)
 '…a superb job. Terrific arrangements, excellent execution and wonderful musicianship
¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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