jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

"Subrosa" is the hottest place in New York City: Latin Jazz and World Music

The renowned Blue Note Jazz site, and your organization, a new success noted in its business objective and supporting good music, and their passionate fans and followers.

The opening of "Subrosa" in the city of New York, has great significance for those who know how to appreciate and support the creative music, mixed, spectacular, cheerful, sticky, that is the Latin Jazz and World Music.

When you review the effects on people causing a live presentation of one of our great interpreters of our genre, maybe spend the best time of your life.

The scenario of "Subrosa" will be filled with lots of flavor and joy during this month by the presence for many days Pedrito Martinez Group, with its stream of good music and joy, Saturday 17 will be Pablo Mayor - Folklore Urbano: The Quintet and 27 of this month we will enjoy the Venezuelan Jazz Juancho Herrera.

Pablo Mayor - Folklore Urbano: The Quintet:

Modern Colombian music is redefined in fresh, lively, provocative dimensions every time Pablo Mayor -Folklore Urbano hits the stage. This powerhouse 12-member orchestra seamlessly fuses the danceable swing of traditional Colombian rhythms with the lush subtleties of contemporary jazz harmonies and unique arrangements. The ensemble is driven by a rhythm section deeply grounded in traditional Colombian music. Like a feisty chef, leader Pablo Mayor then adds explosive horns and soaring, colorful vocalists to produce a tasty, sultry, addictive blend!
Pablo Mayor -Folklore Urbano is the innovative project of Colombian bandleader, pianist, composer, and arranger Pablo Mayor . The group’s three highly-acclaimed CD’s, Aviso, Baile/Dance, and the latest Corazón, have been broadcast throughout the World.

Juancho Herrera:
Juancho Herrera started his musical journey with the influence of the Venezuelan music tradition. In 1990 he enrolled at Ars Nova School of Music in Caracas, Venezuela. While living in Venezuela he worked as a guitarist and vocalist for several bands including: Solazul (Latin Jazz) Caravana Theater Co., Sus 4 (Jazz-Rock) among others.
In 1993 Juancho traveled to the U.S. to continue his studies at Berklee College of Music, were he received a scholarship as a guitarist.
In 2000 Mr. Herrera relocated to NYC where he has been based until present day.
He has been an essential part of groups lead by some of today’s top artists in jazz and world music, such as Claudia Acuña(Jazz), Marta Gomez (Colombia), Lila Downs, (Grammy Award winner), and Sofia Rei (South American Jazz).
Mr. Herrera has also performed and recorded with world class artists such as Mercedes Sosa (Argentina), The Chieftains(Ireland), Branford Marsalis (Jazz), Nestor Torres (Grammy Award winner), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japanese Icon), Alejandro Sanz (Multi-Grammy Award winner), Aquiles Báez (Paquito D’ Rivera), Joe Vasconcellos (Chile), Johnny Pacheco (Salsa Icon), Haydee Milanés (Cuban Pop), Jenny Sheinman Quartet (Avant-garde Jazz, Bill Frisell), Francisco Pacheco (Un Solo Pueblo), Zemog El Gallo Bueno (Mutant Salsa) among others.
Juancho has written music for short films, (Done by Oskar Landi 2009). His guitar work has been featured in several off Broadway plays and indie films such as the Indian piece, Vazhakku Enn 18/9.
In 2005 Juancho released his album Buscando, produced in collaboration with Fernando Aponte, (Ryuchi Sakamoto, Marisa Monte).
In 2011 he released his album Banda, featuring original compositions inspired by an urban, modern vision of Latin America deeply rooted in traditional sounds evoking those of Africa and the Americas. In addition to long-time collaborators Yayo Serka (Lila Downs) on drums and Ben Zwerin (Nouvelle Vague) on bass, Juancho recruits for this project some of the most innovative and dynamic artists of the New York Latin and Jazz scenes such as Claudia Acuña, Anat Cohen, Jason Lindner, Sofia Rei, Aquiles Baez, Sofia Tosello, and Samuel Torres, among others.
Here is Juancho live:

"The Latin Jazz is the music that God sent man to the world enjoy a special unique art, through his performers". Luis Raul Montell (www.jazz-caribe.org and www.jazzcaribe.blogspot.com).

We wish all success to "Subrosa" and his team for this bright idea that already is enjoying people with joy ... Enjoy!

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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