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From Master to Master: Antonio Adolfo CD HYBRIDO - From Rio to Wayne Shorter

"The passion, versatility and musical talent of the Maestro Antonio Adolfo celebrates 
now, in his new CD HYBRIDO, with the splendor of Brazilian Jazz, as well as 
Maestro Wayne Shorter" - Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

The CD:

"HYBRIDO - From Rio to Wayne Shorter"
Antonio Adolfo


1. Deluge; 2. Footprints; 3. Beauty and The Beast; 4. Prince Darkness; 5. Black Nile; 6. Speak no Evil; 7. E.S.P.; 8. Ana Maria; 9. Afosamba

The Musicians:

Antonio Adolfo (piano, composer, arranger, bandleader, producer); Lula Galvao (electric guitar); Jorge Helder (double bass); Rafael Barata (drums and percussion); Andre Siqueira percussion); Jesse Sadoc (trumpet); Marcelo Martins (tenor and soprano saxes, flute 3); Serginho Trombone (trombone); Ze Renato (vocal 2); Claudio Spiewak (acoustic guitar 3)

There is no doubt about Brazil, and all of Latin America, as paridoras Nations of great artistic and cultural values ​​- painting, theater, dance, writers, etc. - in music genius is affirmed. The globe loves the music of our countries, its performers, its sponsors and its fusion with Jazz has grown as much as the Latin Jazz that has achieved with all its people, each in its place, reach unpredictable levels of popularity.
"Thank God for awakening our human senses and allowing us to create and enjoy the most fantastic music in life," Luis Raul Montell
And if in recent years there has been a worthy representative of the Latin Jazz is the Maestro Antonio Adolfo that with his compositions, arrangements and productions, in addition to the different ways of forming his team has given a new breath to our music. The tradition of notable Cariocas with the wise mix of Jazz, with their personal seal has been their secret.
I do not want to expose much about this new work of the Master Antonio Adolfo, based on the music of the well-known Maestro Wayne Shorter, but that valuable arrangements made this to take it to Brazilian Jazz.
The Master Antonio Adolfo says: "Mr. Wayne Shorter is one of my musical idols, both as instrumentalist and composer. His compositions have very rich armonies and melodies, and in my opinion, they can fit very well with the Brazilian tyle". Nothing more certain.
A new work of the Master Antonio Adolfo that continue giving him prestigious place between the great exponents of the Latin Jazz.
He has also given a singer of the front line as his daughter Carol Saboya, considered today one of the winning voices of Brazilian Jazz and with whom he has recorded several times.
And we want to congratulate all his team for the love and determination of our musical genre.

Antonio Adolfo Notes:
Pianist, arranger, producer and educator Antonio Adolfo grew up in a musical family in Rio de Janeiro (his mother was a violinist in the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra), and began his studies at the age of seven. At seventeen he was already a professional musician. His teachers include Eumir Deodato and the great Nadia Boulanger in Paris. During the 60's he led his own trio that participated in several Bossa Nova and Jazz shows in Brazil and toured with singers Leny Andrade, Carlos Lyra, Flora Purim, Wilson Simonal, Elis Regina and Milton Nascimento. Adolfo wrote tunes such as Pretty World (original Brazilian title: Sa Marina) that gained great success and have been recorded by such artists as Sergio Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert, Earl Klugh, Dionne Warwick, and others. He won International Song Contests (Rio - Brazil and Athens - Greece) on two occasions. 
As a musician, arranger and record producer he has worked with some of the most representative Brazilian names, besides having released more than 25 albums under his name. As an educator, he has been teaching music, specially Brazilian music, throughout the world and has written several books (see list in the Educator's section of this website). In 1985 Mr. Adolfo created his own school in Rio, Brazil, now with more than 1,300 students. His 2010 CD album, Lá e Cá/Here and There, follows the footsteps of 2007 live recording Antonio Adolfo e Carol Saboya Ao Vivo/ Live. In 2011 his CD Chora Baiao was released and became awarded. Antonio Adolfo's recent CD "Finas Misturas"/Fine Mixtures has been acclaimed with great reviews and Jazz radio airplay. His recent releases, CD Rio, Choro, Jazz..., as well as his piano solo album O Piano de Antonio Adolfo were nominated for the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. In 2015, Adolfo had released a CD recorded in New York and Rio, with singer Carol Saboya and harmonicist/vibraphonist Hendrik Meurkes entitled Copa Village and now, the 2015 Latin Grammy Nominee CD Tema, with only original compositions by him. And in 2016, the brand new CD Tropical Infinito being released in May, which has been nominated as Best Latin Jazz album for the 2016 Latin Grammy.
Other facets of the Master Antonio Adolfo is the one of films, educator, has its own school of music, very recognized in Brazil, and its didactic books of music.
Here we offer you, by Master Antonio Adolfo's taste, the theme "Beauty and the Beast" from his CD HYBRIDO ... Gozalo in relax !:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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