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Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba - 10th. Anniversary Book: Of the Best in 2016

"Undoubtedly this is the Book of the Year of Photography Jazz. An entire editorial graphic event ... and above all shows the value of the shots in action, it is really exciting, eloquent. Valuable work for Erik Eman, Friso Veenman and his photography professionals, Also to the happy sponsors". Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe.-

Words by Erik Eman:


Now in its 10th year, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival has fulfilled my vision of unifying people using music and culture. I dream of an Aruban venue that would bring together international and local musicians who would perform jointly, attracting a multigenerational crowd of music lovers from all over, who would come together to experience great music, art, dance and food. That dream was the seed of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival.

I want to celebrate and remember this decade of Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. Looking back, those 10 years were insane! Not just because of the planning which needed to come together to make the festival happen and not only because I made so many people crazy on the road to ensure that it did, but because we succeeded!

There are many stories to tell. When we created our first edition in 2007, we didn't have a dime to spare, but we did have Michel Camilo. A few years later we were able to bring David Sanborn, making a spetacular night magic, when he spontaneously jammed with the 12 amazingly talented Cuban women who make up Anacaona. In 2010 when we brought Marcus Miller, one of my favorite bass players, I was able to cross a big wish off of my bucket list. The following years allowed me to cross off more wishes on that list when we managed to book other big names and big talent such as Angie Stone, Eddie Palmieri, Candy Dulfer, Richard Bona and Raul Midon. In another memorable night we matched Dutch trumpeter Maite Hontelé with Oscar D' Leon. One of the memories that is emblazoned on my mind, is when Mike Stern called me from his hotel asking that I find some local guitar players that he could jam with after hours because he didn't want the music to stop. George Benson, Liv Warfield and Earth Wind & fire and RH Factor all are a part my life now, instead of on my wish list.

In those 10 years, many talented local artists made incredible impressions showing off our island's musical talent. We challenged music students by giving them an international stage to perform on. We arranged for established international musicians to give workshop to our local students, inspiring more youngsters to make music. We convinced locally known and unknown artists to work together, creating a yearly exposition in various mediums and we brought pleasure to foodies with a mix of local and international cuisine.

This anniversary book is a photographical voyage down memory lane, highlighting all of those great perfomances. It's also a tribute to those who made CSJF possible. It's my way of giving a big thank you to the audience! Your support throughout these past ten years drove me to continue on. I will be counting on bringing new and old artists in the coming years. Keep visiting us!

Erik Eman: top leader of the Caribbean Sea Jazz
Festival - Aruba and is also notable bass player

Erik at the end of this extraordinary book, graphic document of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival through his existence, is thanked for his wife Martha, Friso Veenman - his great ally - Barbara de Haan, Paulien ter Meulen, Harry Koeman, Patrick Melchiors, Minister Otmar Oduber and others.

En esta misma web pueden encontrar la informacion completa y fotos del CSJF 2016 y el libro lo pueden adquirir comunicandose con las oficinas de CSJF.

From now on we want to inform you that the edition of this year 2017 will take effect, if God wants the days 15 and 16 of September.       

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