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The bolero jazz Sonia Alfonso take the romance to Subrosa, New York City


8:00PM & 10:00PM  

New Release "Feeling Good" 

Sonia Alfonso was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and since she was young, she knew that she would become an artist.  Sonia began singing professionally at the age 18 and was only 19 when she represented her country in Mexico during the OTI Festival in 1984 obtaining 5th place out of the 21 countries that participated.
After a great career as a ballad singer, Sonia discovered her passion for acting. She made a few appearances at prominent musical theater productions as "Claudia", one of the main characters, in the first Spanish version of the renowned Broadway musical "In The Heights" from Lin Manuel Miranda.  Sonia also participated in a few films including "The Feast of the Goat" with Isabella Rosellinni and Steven Bauer and participated in the bio-picture "Maria Montez" with Celines Toribio.
Sonia is at a turning point in her life as an artist participating in the jazz genre, making it big with a new jazz album entitled "Feeling Good" for which she successfully made the Spanish adaptation of 2 great jazz standards, "Summertime" ("Es Verano") and "The Man I Love" ("Mi Gran Amor").  Both versions received approval from Warner Chappell & Warner Brothers.
The Dominican singer has also written the English adaptation of the Latin classic "Voy a Apagar la Luz" ("I Will Turn Off The Light") from the great Mexican author Armando Manzanero.  He was very pleased with her adaptation.  Sonia invited the great Cuban trumpet player Arturo Sandoval, (winner of nine Grammys®) to participate in this version.
Sonia was the first Dominican jazz singer at the Blue Note Jazz Festival 2016which was celebrating their 50th anniversary.   She's scheduled to perform with her band this coming September 22 and 24 at Subrosa Night Club in the West Village-NYC. This is a gig you don't want to miss!  Reserve now!
In this new season full of dreams, we are excited to hear more music and good news from Sonia Alfonso. She is definitely the Dominican Voice of Jazz.

Enjoy the following video where the bolero jazz is a real delight:

Subrosa Night Club  
63 Gansevoort St.  
New York, NY 10014  
Press Contact: Scott Thompson PR

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