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Juan Garcia-Herreros 'Snow Owl' release on July 20, National Day of Colombia, his new album "The Blue Road" at the Embassy of this country in Amsterdam, Netherlands

"The Blue Road is an ambitious production great result; compositions are 
magical Snow Owl 'JSGH'; musical performance is incredible; the perfect sound ... We can 
talk about that Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros develops Eclectico Latin Jazz" -
Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

The CD:
"The Blue Road"
Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros 'Snow Owl'

Tracks: 1. Ne Togo Ye Sadjouma; 2. She Became A Thousand Birds; 3. Bach To The Future; 4. Good Night Resurrection; 5. Bu(ho)ñuelitos; 6. Baladas Para Mis Hijas; 7. Water Giggles

The Musicians:
Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros 'Snow Owl' (upright bass, composer, lyricist, bandleader); Nikola Stanosevic (keyboard); Berti Mayer (harmonica); Jonathan Powell (trumpet); Jeremy Powell (saxophone); Alejandra Maria (violin); Stoyan Bankulov (drums, tupan); Roberto Quintero (percussion); Zhivko Vasilev (kaval); Mamadou Diabate (balafon, vocals); Special Guest: Griot Choir (percussion mania); SuCH, Kandy Guira (lead vocal); Seydou 'Kanazoe' Diabate, Dramane Dembele, Abdoulaye Dembele; Djakali Kone; Karim Sanou (vocals); Viena Philarmonic and Radio Symphony Orchestra

When we had the CD "Normas" and we listened, we could see that it was something special, creative, within our Latin Jazz genre.
We were right, so much so that "Normas" of Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album.
We followed the career of Snow Owl also known as the character who with his group continues touring Europe giving concerts, taking part in festivals with an acceptance such that only you can believe watching the videos.
The reliable proof of the success of this musico pride of Latin America, especially in Colombia, the can check on your videos; Snow Owl conquered the Old Continent with his talent, performance quality, passion and delivery on stage, simplicity.
But also the triumph in Europe it spread to our continent, as we said with Latin Grammy nomination.
After several items on our websites on the activities of Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros 'Snow Owl' on April 14 this year our ally page we writes:

Juan S. Garcia-Herreros (Snow Owl) follows the path of success with "The Blue Road" and more concerts in Europe!

"If the Jazz is freedom, love and peace someone who practices it 
openly: Juan S. Garcia-Herreros, also known as Snow Owl. This extraordinary 
upright bassist achieved to harmonize music from different continents 
of the world, varied range of music and even their musicians have different nationalities",  Luis Raul Montell -

Snow Owl's popularity increased with his concerts, participation in festivals, without neglecting teaching.
The videos are compelling evidence of how Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros the public difficult the Old Continent and became his fans, his friends, his followers earned.
His dedication, talent, simplicity have allowed her to have privileged place today and aspire to more: Snow Owl is a reality.
I see seven (7) that contained trailers, interviews, musicians, travel, etc., in different languages ​​to go gave its "The Blue Road"; Snow Owl not only demonstrated its high quality musical, escelente person, but valued his work has on self-esteem boost and that's good vibes for everyone.
I wanted to know why JSGH call this production "The Blue Road", I thought it might be on the road leading to Istanbul, where he had played back months and a bluish atmosphere is observed. I decided to leave the question for my next book "Viva The Latin Jazz !!" whose campaign starts in days- and decidedly prefer to go by "The Blue Road" that what they call Red Carpet.
The presentation of the album to the media is an example of when you want to do things right, the sound gives balance to the value of the execution, the engineer Svilen Angelov deserves a mention.
So let's enjoy an exceptional album where Snow Owl with his group achieved extraordinary African rhythms mix of European, American and, to give an eclectic Latin Jazz.
My favorite tunes are: Bu(ho)ñuelitos -que estupendo arreglo-, Bach To The Future, No Togo Ye Sadjouma y Water Giggles...It's all wonderful!
Now Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros prepares for the launch of "The Blue Road" day July 20 national holiday in Colombia, at the headquarters of the embassy in Amsterdam, Holland, where you will be met by the citizen Ambassador Juan Jose Quintana, his staff and a good number of Colombian citizens who have residence on that side of the world.
For two days after launching "The Blue Road" in the Open Jazz Fest of Elena Voda in Slovakia.

Juan Sebastian Garcia-Herreros 'Snow Owl' Notes:

Juan Garcia-Herreros, Also known as "The Snow Owl", is a native born Colombian Bassist & Composer, virtuoso musicianship remarkable for His and for His use of a six-stringed Customised Electric Guitar Contrabass.

Juan Garcia-Herreros was born in Bogota, Colombia. His first musical studies Began With Flute at the age 9 after moving to New York City With His family. Once I completed middle school His family relocated again to eleven Dunedin, Florida Where I discovered the electric bass. Due to the fact That His family was unable to Afford private lessons His passion for learning fueled him to Become a self-taught musician. John was just 16 When He Began to teach Music Theory and Jazz Performance at Dunedin High School in Florida. His highschool band teacher Recognised His young talent and Encouraged him to study acoustic bass so Past That I Could be a part of the symphonic band in school. After spending many hours dedicated playing acoustic and electric bass Both, I auditioned and Became proficient enough to perform With the Tampa Bay Symphony at just 17 years of age. [2]

At the same time Juan competed in New Orleans for a slot in Berklee College of Music's Scholarship tour and received a coveted scholarship to Attend the school in Boston.

I Studied at Berklee With Bruce Gertz bass instructors, Joe Santerre, Rich Appleman and Oscar Stagnaro.

At age 21, I returned to New York City to Pursue a professional music career. While in New York, John developed the Ability to meet the Demands of multiple styles. Whether the musical genre is Jazz, Pop, Funk, Salsa, straight-ahead, Rock, Modern, Classical, Heavy Metal, or Avant-garde I is capable of performing without artistic compromise.

At age 26, I Moved to Vienna, Austria Where I Currently reside.

At age 30, I was selected by a jury to Become part of the faculty for the Jazz Institute of the Universität für Musik and Performing Arts Graz. He was the first Colombian to be honored With Such an academic position in Austria. [3]

At age 37, I was Nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Latin Jazz Album, For His third CD release Entitled "Normas". I is the first Electric Bassist ever to be nominated for this category.

Now with "The Blue Road" portend great satisfactions!!

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!  

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  2. Very nice music. You might want to check out this salsa Album in this website