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Raul Agraz celebrates 20 years in New York with CD "Between Brothers"!

"After so many years experience in various treasuring
musical facets, Raul Agraz makes sound his trumpet triumphantly,
once again and now more than ever, the CD Between Brothers "
Luis Raul Montell - Jazz Caribe

The CD:
"Between Brothers" 
Raul Agraz

Grooves: 1. Obsesion; 2. Between Brothers; 3. Bossagraz; 4. A Song for You (Song for My Wife); 5. FDB; 6. In a Sentimental Day; 7. One Day; 8. Feeling of Song; 9. Beautiful Diana; 10. Concone # 6

The musicians:
Raul Agraz (trumpet, flugelhorn, composer, arranger, producer); Javi Olivencia (high baritone saxophones 1, 5, 7, 8); Ivan Renta (tenor saxophone 1, 5, 7, 8); Felipe Castro (high baritone saxophone 9); Mark Miller (trombone 1, 7); Luis Bonilla (trombone 1, 7, 8); Dan Willis (trombone 3; alto saxophone, flutes 5); Doug Beavers (trombone 5, 9); Max Seigel (trombone 5); Randy Andos (bass trombone 1); Luis Perdomo (piano 1, 7); Axel Laugart (piano 2, 3, 9, 10); John Werking (piano 4, 5, 6); Ruben Rodriguez (bass 1, 7, 9); Oscar Cartaya (bass 3, 8); Dave Phillips (bass 5; upright bass 4, 6); Cliff Almond (drums 1, 3, 7, 8); Sean MacDaniels (drums 4, 5, 6); Quintero Anderson (drums 2); Luisito Quintero (drums, timpani, percussion 1, 4, 7, 8, 9); Roberto Quintero (congas, percussion 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9); Ali Bello (violin 9); Antoin Silverman, Encho Todorov (violin 2, 4, 5); Jonathan Dinklage (viola 2, 4, 5); Anja Wood (cello 2, 4, 5); special guest: Paquito D'Rivera (saxophone 2); Dave Samuels (vibraphone 2); Rodner Padilla (bass 2); Rick Gonzalez (piano 8)

Trumpet Raul Agraz has such sound of excellence and pleasing to the listener who after winning for so many years accepted by bands and music today has established itself as one of the performers of Latin Jazz of contemporary wave with its own style .

Thirty (30) musicians in total, including the leader and trumpeter Agraz, participated in this CD, which this does not scrimp to make "Between Brothers" was full of harmony and balance.

Ten (10) melodies make this CD "Between Brothers", that already looks like one of the albums of great acceptance for lovers of Latin Jazz, in the times to come, and candidate deserved recognition. Four (4) Agraz own inspiration, which demonstrates its particular feeling and passion, including A Song for You - dedicated to his wife Belkys. The transcendental and innovated Obsesion of Don Pedro Flores, the melody that gives name to the CD "Between Brothers" Luis "Papo 'Martinez, among others.

Pre-Olimpico as a gift (Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro) Raul Agraz Bossagraz wrote expressing identification with the divine Brazilian Jazz.

Agraz met a contingent of first line, not easy to get by the commitments, recordings, concerts and festivals that each of them has. Members of the Caribbean Jazz Project, celebrate Latin Jazz band, as Samuels, D'Rivera and the 'traveler conga' Roberto Quintero were there giving their best. Just as his countrymen also Perdomo, Bello and Quintero. With Gonzalez, Miller got two separate arrangements. Definitely a "team work" in all aspects logically and technical assistance as well, resulting in the wonderful Latin swing "Between Brothers" (Between Brothers). But the best thing for simplicity and charisma of Agraz, everyone wanted to contribute and match, which was difficult, some reluctantly accepted Agraz had chosen leader and his words of appreciation are a poem.

In website: www.jazzven.blogspot.com as of February 24, 2016 published "Raul Agraz: exclusive interview with Pete Nater for Salsa Legends and Masters Academy". Nater is a renowned trumpeter Latin Jazz and salsa that formed part of orchestras hierarchy, so his words give credence to the view that it has on Raul Agraz there is the video and the announcement of the CD "Between Brothers" was coming. .. and ready ... and those who will come!

Raul Agraz notes:

Formed in the important Musical Conservatory Jose Angel Lamas Caracas, Venezuela, this performer trumpet is in fact one of the most skilled musicians today. Raul is a complete master of jazz, Afro-Cuban music and classical repertoire in a way that almost defies description. Equally at home playing the music of Bach, Machito or Coltrane. So Raul is a perfect textbook for everything he does. "For its burnished tone and accurate timing is similar to the reader who reads your skills solo incisive, this guy is the definition of trumpeter trumpet performer," says Oscar Hernandez (pianist, composer Spanish Harlem Orchestra)

Born and raised in "Venezuela" His musical career began to take shape at the early age of 7, with the internationally famous choir "Coro de Niños Villa de Cura" With this choir traveled to many international conferences worldwide, including France, Spain, USA, Belgium and Vienna, among others.

About this same time he started playing the flute to learn to read music. Shortly after he went to the trunk, but as the 9-year-old discovered his passion 'trumpet' .In a very short time became the principal trumpeter in the orchestra accompanying the same chorus.

He attended the High School of Music "Jose Angel Lamas" in Caracas, Venezuela to begin his formal classical education with Egon Albreth German trumpeter and conductor of the Philharmonic of Venezuela.

At the age of 17 years I had the opportunity to work with various classical orchestras, including internationally with the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, whose founder is the Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu.

After a long career in Venezuela, taking the opportunity to work and record with the most important artists of his country in 1996 he moved to New York and began studying with the Panamanian Victor Paz (principal trumpet for 18 years for the musical " Cats ", among many other artists, was also in his honor one of the recent Panama Jazz Festival).

Throughout his career he had the opportunity to perform as a principal trumpet performer in a variety of styles such as jazz, rock, R & B, Latin and classics.

Tito Puente, Chuchito Valdes, Birdland Big Band, Radio City Christmas Orchestra, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Santos, Guaco, Carl Fischer Big Band, Doug Beaver, Chico O'Farrill, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Natalie Cole, Vicky Carr, Jennifer Lopez, Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Billy Joel, Aldemaro Romero, Celia Cruz, Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye, Hector Lavoe, Trabuco Venezolano, Jose Feliciano, Bebo Valdes, Ruben Blades, Cheo Feliciano, Carlos Santana, Ray Barretto, Johnny Pacheco, Jimmy Bosch, Harry Connick Jr., Biella Da Costa, Juan Pablo Torres and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, are among the dozens of artists, bands, orchestras to which Raul Agraz to given his talent, both on stage and recordings; In addition to participating in music for the Superbowl (football), music for TV shows, Broadway musicals.

This year Raul Agraz is twenty (20) years of being based in the Big Apple, who welcomed him by his stage-musical and as a person value, and is celebrating "Between Brothers" - "Between Brothers," which is his first recording CD as a leader, soloist and where has several own compositions.

We will share the song "One Day at a Time" tracks 7 "Between Brothers" that is sure to take them to purchase the CD, to enjoy it all, jewel Raul Agraz and our 'brothers' ... gozalo !:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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