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Double Pre-Olympic release of AAM Music: Antonio Adolfo "Tropical Infinito" and Carol Saboya "Carolina" (II)

"Carol Saboya is a voice representative of the best of Brazilian jazz 
singing, full oftenderness, romance and especially natural 
talent "Luis Raul Montell - Jazz Caribe

The CD:
Carol Saboya

Tracks: 1. Passarim (Little Bird); 2. 1 X O (one to Zero); 3. Senhoras do Amazonas (Ladies from the Amazon); 4. Hello Godbye; 5. Aviao (Airplane); 6. Fragile; 7. A Felicidade (Joy/Happiness); 8. Ohla, Maria (Hey Maria); 9. Faltando Um Pedaco (Missing a Piece); 10. Zanzibar

The Musicians:
Carol Saboya (vocal); Antonio Adolfo (piano); Marcelo Martins (flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone); Leo Amuedo (guitars); Jorge Helder (doublé bass); Rafael Barata (drums, percussion); Andres Siqueira (percussion);  Claudio Spiewak (accoustic guitar 9)

"Carolina" is the birth name of Carol Saboya. "Carolina" = Carol Saboya is one of the favorite daughters Rio de Janeiro. "Carolina" is 58 minutes of music high, with a singer like Carol Saboya who belongs to the exclusive group of "Ladies of Latin Jazz" with more than enough professionalism and sweetening voice, accompanied by renowned musicians, takes us on a journey rhythmic one desires never end.

The choice of compositions you fit your style, young and / or adult contemporary and the excellent arrangements made to his father Master Antonio Adolfo (she has someone out), which is one of the axes and leaders on which rests the Brazilian Jazz since the end of the year 80. They have a wonderful family and musical identification.

Three compositions poet always Antonio Carlos Jobim, two from also recognized Djavan, Joao Bosco, Edu Lobo, Pixinguinha and taxed the celebrated duo Lennon / McCartney with "Hello Goodbye" and Sting with "Fragile", make up the list of lyrics CD. We want to emphasize that the compositions of the legendary Jobim are of lesser known, but arrangements tremendous Maestro Antonio Adolfo.

After the success that has been "Belezas" (2012), which is regularly heard on radio stations and is mentioned everywhere, this new CD "Carolina" is very happy to Carol Saboya and followers because he goes quickly to posts privilege favorites list.

Bossa Jazz and ballad characteristic Savoyard style Miss, make this album "Carolina" a rich treat for the ears and the romantic feeling.

So that Rio de Janeiro is full of sporting event (Olympics 2016) and music CD with these two that gives us AAM Music: "Tropical Infinito" and "Carolina".

Notes of Carol Saboya:

It has always Been a musical environment. Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo's daughter, was raised surrounded by inspired chords, scribbled scores, and songs being born. When she was eight, her voice She Had Recorded for the first time. She spent three years studying singing in the United States, taking part in the Grammy winning CD by Sérgio Mendes Brasileiro (1992), and in some of her father's performances.

Carol's expected first solo work came in 1998. Dança gives voice, Which Carol Awarded 1998's best new female singer prize from the Sharp Award "Sharp." The following year, she jumped into Tom Jobim's work and abertas Janelas Recorded the album, with guitarist Nelson Faria. In 2000 she participated in the Brazilian Music Festival (da Brasileira Music Festival) Promoted by TV Globo (Brazil).

Her next albums include Sessão Passatempo, Present, two releases for JVC Japan, Bossa Nova and Nova Bossa, the album With her father, Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya Ao Vivo Live, Chão Aberto, Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya e Cá / Here and There. On top of That, she Performed Several times in the US and won the Gold award TABAIBA as best female vocalist in a Festival in Spain.

Among her recent albums, We Should Consider her 2012 release "Belezas" Which was included as one of the Most Played CDs in Jazz Radio Stations of That year as well as excellent reviews, treats including four stars on Down Beat Magazine.

Her Most recent international appearances Were at Arts Garage (Boca Raton, Fl), January 2015 and at the Jazz Education Conference (JEN), in San Diego, CA, in January 2015 Past.

In 2015 Carol has dedicated to her CD release With pianist Antonio Adolfo and virtuoso harmonica Hendrik Meurkens: the CD Village Cup, with shows in some cities, Including New York.

2016 is time for her brand new CD release: Carolina to be released (May 2nd). The new CD, Which was Recorded in Rio With some great musicians, presents a true suite of master composers of popular Brazilian music and a couple by modern international composers.

Miss Savoya is nominated as best female singer by Brazilian International Press Award 2016.

Now exclusively and because it is the wish of Carol Saboya we provide "Passarim" (A.C. Jobim) that opens precisely the CD "Carolina":

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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