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Brian Andres & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel and new CD "This Could Be That" is tremendous rumbon sabroson + concerts also!

Brian Andres & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel | This Could Be That

"They say that the best rum is one that is aged and endures through time, that it is with 
Brian Andres & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel, the passing of the years together with the original essence of transmitting its own sound, his compositions outputs make his own feeling 
"This Could Be That", like previous productions, an estimable work for our Latin Jazz ", 
Luis Raul Montell-Jazz Caribe

The CD:
“This Could Be That”
Brian Andres & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel

1. Amyable; 2. This Could Be That (Esto Puede Ser Eso); 3. Limit (Limite); 4. Les Cailloux (The Pebbles); 5. Got a Match?; 6. My One and Only Love; 7. Bacalaitos; 8. Roasted to Perfection; 9. Red Flags (Banderas Rojas); 10. Relativity; 11. Something New (Algo Nuevecito)

The Musicians:

Brian Andres (drum set, bandleader); Christian Tumalan (keyboards); Aaron Germain (bass); Javier Cabanillas (percussion, coro); Omar Ledezma Jr. (percussion); Jamie Dubberly (trombone); Mike Rinta (trombone 3, 6, 11); Steffen Kuehn (trumpet, flugelhorn); Henry Hung (trumpet, flugelhorn 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10); Tony Peebles (tenor sax); Herman Lara (bs 6, 11); Nikki Smith, Braulio Herrera, Jose Roberto Hernandez (coro 2, 7, 11); special guest: Alex Acuña (timbal 8); Calixto Oviedo (timbal 3); Derek Smith (steel pan 9); John Santos (pandeiro 11); Jesus Florido (violin 6); Louie Romero (timbal, maraca, congas); Michael Spiro (bata drums 10); Mike Andres (alto saxophone 6); Vanessa Santi (vocal 6)

More of  Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel and "This Could Be That":
The San Francisco Bay Area has been a historic hotbed for Latin Jazz artists. From Cal Tjader to Armando Peraza, John Santos to Wayne Wallace. The Latin jazz tradition has thrived in the Bay Area. It is from this tradition that The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel arrives. Lead by drummer Brian Andres, the group was formed to contribute its own mark to that storied history. Featuring Grammy Award winning musicians as well as esteemed music educators, the ACJC never fails to perform its music at the highest level. The repertoire consists of original compositions as well as exciting original arrangements of classics from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States. He group is equally capable of performing a dance or concert repertoire, as well as educational presentations such as lectures, workshops or instruction focused on the musical instrumentation, composition and arranging or cultural significance and history of the music they perform.

The ACJC has two CD’s. Released in 2007, the first recording, Drummer’s Speak, hailed the arrival of the group. Featuring 9 songs that were composed by well known Jazz drummers and percussionists, each tune was given an original arrangement by members of the group. In 2013, the ACJC released its second recording, San Francisco. Focusing on the composing, arranging and performing talent of the SF Bay Area Latin Jazz scene, the recording debuted on the CMJ Jazz Top 40 at number 39. Eventually climbing to number 23, it was met with critical acclaim while staying on the CDBaby Best Selling list for 4 months.

The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel's third recording, "This Could be That"  january 2016 released. It's a continuation of the hard hitting, modern Latin Jazz sound they've become known for, and features special guests Alex Acuna, Venissa Santi, John Santos, Louie Romero, Michael Spiro, Calixto Oviedo, Jesus Florido and Brian's father, Mike Andres.

Notes of Brian Andres:
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio into a family of professional musicians it is no surprise that Brian found himself drawn to
the origin of all music: Rhythm. His father is a woodwinds specialist and his mother a vocalist and pianist. The
house was filled with the sounds of his father’s constant practicing and his mother’s piano and voice students.
After nearly being put up for adoption due to his constant banging on inanimate objects, his parents decided to
embrace their obstreperous sons undeniable talent by purchasing him a drum set and themselves earplugs. 

While living in the Midwest, Brian’s diverse range of styles led him to performances with Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame members Little Anthony and the Imperials, as well as Tony Award winner and Broadway star, Faith Prince.
Brian has also shared the stage with such artists as Leroy "Sugar" Bonner from The Ohio Players, blues greats
Sam Myers and Lonnie Mack and television and movie star, Woody Harrelson.

Brian's growing interest in Latin music and culture brought him to the San Francisco Bay Area in early 1999.
He quickly began working with numerous local Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Latin funk, Latin jazz, and Tex-Mex groups. In
2000, Brian was asked to join the band of San Francisco Bay Area Icon, Dr Loco (Dr Jose Cuellar). Brian
continues to perform with him in both The Rockin' Jalapeno Band and Los Tiburones Del Norte. Through working
with Dr. Loco, Brian was asked to record the original music soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Robert M.
Young film, Alambrista: Directors Cut, along with Grammy nominated producer and musician, Greg Landau. Brian
also performed with "The Father of Chicano Music" and National Medal of Arts recipient, Lalo Guerrero, prior to his

While continuing to reside in the Bay Area, Brian has performed with  notable San Francisco musicians such
as multi instrumentalist John Calloway (John Santos, Wayne Wallace, Omar Sosa) guitarist Ray Obiedo,
Grammy Award Winning Pacific Mambo Orchestra,  Independent Music Award winning artist and Ivory Coast
native Fely Tchaco, reggae singer Black Nature (Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars)  percussionist band leader Danilo
Paiz  (Ruben Blades)  He has also performed with East Coast Bachata artists Bautista and Frankely on their West
Coast performances.

In addition to his  performance schedule, Brian  maintains  a private practice in drum set and percussion 
instruction.  He also conducts clinics and  lectures on the history and culture of the drum set and percussion in 
Afro-Cuban music,  His lesson "Clave in Odd Meters"  was featured as a  Master Class  article in the November 
2014 issue of Downbeat Magazine.

In 2007, after spending his career as a sideman, learning and honing his craft, Brian stepped into the role as 
bandleader. The San Francisco Bay Area was introduced to The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel. Featuring Grammy 
Award Winning  musicians as well as esteemed Music Educators, the group continues the rich heritage of San 
Francisco Bay Area Latin jazz.  Incorporating the rich harmonic and improvisational elements of jazz with the 
irresistible rhythms from the Caribbean to form "the perfect combination". The ACJC has become one of the 
top Latin jazz groups in the Bay Area. With the release of their debut CD, Drummer's Speak on Bacalao 
Records, and their most recent 2013 recording, San Francisco, they have made a name for themselves 
performing regularly in the Bay Area and touring in the Midwest.

In the 2015 Downbeat Magazine 80th Annual Reader's Poll, Brian was voted into the top 20 in the Drummers 

Whether as a bandleader or as a sideman, Brian continues to perform at a high level, always welcoming new 
opportunities for expression and creativity while maintaining the protocol of a professional artist.

Next concerts of Brian Andres & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel:
        Date                                          Event                                      Location
Friday, March 25                         Guarandinga                       Ashkenaz, Berkeley
Saturday, April 16               The Mision Varrio Project          Mountain Winery and View
Saturday, May 14                          BA & ACJC                   The Red Poppy Art House, SF

Here the emotion in concert Brian Andres & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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