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The new CD of Jorge Retamoza "Colores de Otoño", with his sax, a valuable contribution to the Tango Jazz

"Today one of the musical currents that reached splendor precious lives: Tango Jazz.  Musicians, his creations have rejuvenated the legacy of legendary master Astor Piazzolla, giving new vitality One is the saxophonist Jorge Retamoza whose contribution is significant to give an expressionist touch with his instrument" - Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

The CD:
"Colores del Otoño"
Jorge Retamoza

1. El Cuarto; 2. Aquel Nueve; 3. Colores del Otoño; 4. Estudio 1; 5. Otra Lluvia; 6. 73 La Renga; 7. El Tema del Uno; 8. Patita; 9. Solo en la Multitud; 10. Algo Asi

The Musicians:
Nicolas Enrich, Matias Rubino (bandoneon); Gaston Harisquiry, Alejandro Kalinoski (piano); Roberto Seitz (upright bass); Jorge Retamoza (saxophones); special guest: Javier Weintraub (violin); Julian Graciano (guitar); Ezequiel Finger (vibraphone); Marcos Cabezaz (marimba)

All compositions and arrangements by Jorge Retemoza. Except 9 (only arrengements).

Notes of Jorge Retamoza:

Jorge Retamoza is a pioneer in the introduction of the saxophone in the tango, besides being who is developing for many years a work on this instrument in this popular music. His personal seal can be heard on records recorded albums with his group and more than a dozen record collaborations with other artists.

Argentine music critics have referred to the work of Retamoza well: "The tango and jazz elements, creating an unprecedented mixturan sound and at times overwhelming."

For almost twenty years Retamoza develops his original compositions in a musical body based on tango, jazz gestures in and academic procedures that put their way to write and / or interpret the music of Buenos Aires in an area of ​​originality and meeting new ways of understanding the tradition and its future.

Leading his group's original compositions which are central to the aesthetic, has toured Argentina, rest of South America, Europe and under the auspices of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of Argentina, the United States of America. This project has been presented regularly in theaters, festivals, cultural centers, universities, besides offering master classes in public and private educational settings, where it has been requested.

Retamoza is the author of "El Tango desde el Saxo"  book published by Melos Ed. Music, which has a number of practical work, studies, examples, transcriptions to develop a sound and a way to practice for interpreting the music of Buenos Aires sax.

In ongoing activity also it acts as guest soloist in one of the main Argentine symphonic organizations. In the academic field he has also premiered several works: "Concerto for Tenor Saxophone, Bandoneon and Orchestra", "Three Scenes Porteñas" (for two clarinets and Symphonic Band), "In Black and White Buenos Aires" (for solo bandoneon six percussionists ).

Versatile creative man, Retamoza, has composed music for TV and radio, and facilities for exhibitions in galleries and museums, as well as animated films, in collaboration with artist Pablo Delfini, obtained several national and international awards (Prize Fund National Arts of Argentina 2009, Best Music Award at the Festival of Poetic Films, New York 2008) and participation in major world festivals in this genre. He founded the saxophone quartet 'Undersax', sponsored by the International firm Rico to record his CD "paroxysm" (Bacsound Argentina 1977), in which several arrangements of his own tango are included.

In 1998 he obtained by competition, baritone sax charge of the Symphonic Band of the City of Buenos Aires.

I belong to different groups of Jazz playing with outstanding musicians: Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Jorge Navarro, Pierre Hugo, Guillermo Romero, Daniel Piazzolla, sharing the stage with Raul Lavie, Walter Rios, Guillermo Fernandez, Victor Pellegrini, Isabel Pantoja, Sandro, Celia Cruz, among others.

He is the creator of the "Proyecto Tango XXX" (1992) which has been promoting for years, since he started his album, continuing with "Violentango" 1998, "Policial Argentina" 2000, "Balvanera" 2002 "Impresionismo Porteño" 2006 "Como Aquellos" 2008 "Vientos deTango" 2010 and now "Colores de Otoño" 2015, which the Retamoza own is your maximum satisfaction.

Let's enjoy the beautiful composition "The Cachila" executed by Jorge Retamoza and his Quartet on the occasion of Andorra Hivern Jazz Fest 2013, where his exceptional talent show in the fusion of tango and jazz:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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