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Gabriel Palatchi once again confirms its status as one of the best musicians of the moment with his third album "Trivolution"!

"There is a saying: 'What makes difficult easy', applies perfectly to Gabriel Palatchi a musician extraordinary success achieved by moving to different styles of Latin Jazz and World Music ... certainly the flexibility to compose Palatchi and interpret is fantastic", Luis Raul Montell - Jazz Caribe (

The CD:

Gabriel Palatchi Trio

Tracks: 1.- Dinamita; 2. Sefarad Roots; 3. What Da Funk; 4. Granizo; 5. Tanguinho; 6. Quedate; 7. Jag Time; 8. Groving Dark; 9. Eso Si!!; 10. Huracan; 11. Amnesi; 12. The Battle; 13. Vive

Musicians: Gabriel Palatchi (p, synts, composer); Kerry Galloway (eb); Jose Maria 'Chema' Gonzalez (d, perc); more special guest

Notes of Gabriel Palatchi:

Gabriel Hernan Palatchi began studying piano at the age of 8 years. At that age and classically he began an intense and endless relationship with this instrument in his hometown of Buenos Aires, where he was born on August 3, 1982.

In the conservatory Manuel de Falla, in Argentina, began his musical studies under the classical genre. In 2001 he received as a technician in music production at ORT high school. In this way they accompanied him great masters of Blues, Tango, Jazz and Latin Jazz as Alvaro Torres, Ricardo Nole and Ernesto Jodos. Finally in 2006 he received the title of "professional musician" by the school of contemporary music Berklee International Network of Argentina.

2008 sets out to expand his musical studies and experiences. It was in Cuba where he met and studied under the tutelage of masters, especially with his idol and mentor "Chucho" Valdés. Later, he comes to Mexico to further strengthen its relationship with the music, achieving its 28 years -a compose and produce his first solo album, entitled "Everyday Travel".

In this first production plasma 10 original compositions with more than 20 Latin American musicians invited. With deep roots in the Afro-Cuban and Latin American jazz, blends an original sound and style of music that includes Tango, Flamenco, Salsa, Funk, Electronic and Rock. The album was chosen as one of the best Latin jazz albums of 2010 by Jazz FM Toronto. He also received criticism from Latin Jazz Network, Rolling Stone magazine, Ejazznews, The Toronto Star, Son Salsa Timba Colombia, South Africa and Inside Newstime World Music among others.

In May 2013 'Musical Box' its the 2nd record production recorded in Buenos Aires with many international guest artists was launched.

Gabriel and his music have no place of residence. Since he first undertook the journey, the notes and the rhythm they have been touring the north, center and south of the continent. Canada, Mexico and Argentina are the places where he has recently had successful tours and presentations at major venues and festivals including Vancouver International Jazz Fest, Victoria International Jazz Fest, Quebec City Jazz Festival, Waterloo International Jazz Fest, Kaslo Jazz Festival, Robson Valley Music Festival, Starbelly Jam Music Festival, Caribbean Days Festival, FiestaVal Latin and Central Festival Music Festival among others.

In June 2015 he launched the 3rd and latest production "TRIVOLUTION" recorded in Mexico City and msterizado in New York. An explosive album with a new concept of "Power Trio". Accompanied by Jose "Chema" Gonzalez Lopez (Mexico) on drums, Kerry Galloway (Canada) on electric bass and guest artists.

The promotional tour for the new album will be in Mexico, Canada and Europe during 2015 and 2016.

Since its formation in Mexico in 2010, the Band has integrated Palatchi Gabriel extraordinary musicians from all over the world: Cuba, Mexico, Canada, France, Uruguay, England, Russia, Peru, Spain and Argentina; countries that have exported talent to this group that is adorned with talented members as: Gabriel Gonzalez, Chema Gonzalez, Jorge Brauet, El Bola, Alfredo Pino, Enrique Nativitas, Manuel Gonzalez, Daniel Zlotnik, Rafael Perez, Bulmaro Borja, Adrian Challiou, Alexis Baro, Miron Raf, El Bola, Anibal Canolik, Bogdan Djukic, King David Alejandre, Roberto Riveron, Max Senitt, Obergoso Luis Jorge Papiosco, Yosvani Castaneda, Jessica Deutsch, Rosa Avila, Matt Maclean, Rich da Silva, Raul Abreu, Sergio Barrenechea, Marcela Galvan, Duncan Hopkins, Paco Luviano, Enrique Loyola, seed Juarez, Crisitian Canatelli, Pato Resico, Leonardo Ramella, Valeria Matzner, Carlos Libedinsky, Rafael Perez, Whalter Castro, Gabriel Juncos, Carolina Cohen, Juan Canosa, Juan Cruz Urquiza, Martin Rur, Miodownik Fabian, Martin Visconti, Luca Ferreli, Cristian 'Latigo' Diaz, Fernando Padilla, Bruno Cavallaro, Olmo Sosa, Colo Rosetto, Mark Kelso, Yoser Rodriguez, Miguelito Valdes, Israel 'Toto' Berriel, Jose Sanchez Fito Garcia, Daniel Lapp, Kelby Macnayr, Sean Drabitt, Kerry Galloway, Tony Ferraro, Pete Dowse, Michael Fraser, Gabriel Fernandez, Fernando Masan and many.

These days Palatchi Gabriel will be performing with his trio at the tasty site 'La Zebra' in Tulum, so it will be rewarding to combine good music and location ( ... are welcome!!

Now we want to share with you some of the good times that were experienced in the Kaslo Jazz Festival in the beautiful Kootenays Arts Community, Canada (August 2015):

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!       

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