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Buena Vista Social Club "Adios Tour"

These are the five original members of Buena Vista Social Club to survive and like their peers (RIP) have given joy to the world, and is the same picture with which headed the previous article on this legendary orchestra
We on this website we announced months ago the irrevocable decision of making the Buena Vista Social Club "Adios Tour", certainly all his followers, including us of course, we requested them continuously they postponement.

But the truth is that the majority of age of its original members, and there are few who are leading their leaders and performers to make the decision and have done so to the delight of all his followers a series of concerts in major cities of all the world.

During their “Adios Tour,” the [Orquesta] Buena Vista Social Club—whose self-titled 1997 album remains the best-selling world music album to date—played an emotional, sold-out concert at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, Mass. The group, including surviving members of the original ensemble as well as more recent additions, has said that this will be their final outing.

Honoring a cultural legacy, the Adios Tour acknowledged the troupe’s journey with projected images of original, now-deceased members. However, the mood was uplifting and the performance gave every indication that this music, beloved globally, continues to exude radiance and significance.
Five original members performed, including Omara Portuondo as lead vocalist; Eliades Ochoa on vocals and guitar; Jesus 'Aguaje' Ramos as musical director, trombonist, and vocals; Guajiro Mirabel on trumpet; and Barbarito Torres on laud. Newer members included Gilberto 'Papi' Oviedo on tres, Pedro Pablo on double bass, Rolando Luna on piano, Idania Valdes on vocals and minor percussion, Carlos Calunga on vocals, Alberto La Noche on bongos, Filberto Sanchez on timbales, Andres Coayo on congos, Guajarito Mirabal and Luis Alemany on trumpet.
Eliades Ochoa and Idania Valdes

Filiberto Sanchez

Jesus 'Aguaje' Ramos'

Omara Portuondo

Gilberto 'Papi' Oviedo

Pedro Pablo

Remembering Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall, NY:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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