domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

More Than A Tinge: LATIN JAZZ - Inauguration September 14th, 2015 (tomorrow), in The Bronx Museum for the Arts

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem is proud to announce the opening of its new exhibit, More Than A Tinge: Latin Jazz. It will be shown at the prestigious Bronx Museum of the Arts. The exhibit's opening ceremony will be on September 14th, 2015 through invitation only. 

The exhibit will be open to the public beginning September 16th, 2015.
The curatorial team of author/composer Ned Sublette, historian Rene Lopez, producer Robert Sancho and NJMH Director Loren Schoenberg also created the museum's acclaimed Bebo Valdes exhibit in 2014.

Let's remember a gentleman who for many years gave color to our musical genre: Ray Barretto, also known as' Manos Duras' and 'Liberated Spirit "piece of his own, in company of his band:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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