domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

Rebel Tumbao "rumbles and rave does with his rumba"

Rebel Tumbao (Rebel “Groove”) is a family of like-minded musician’s deeply committed to creating and performing music packed with groove, consciousness, spirituality, resistance, and positive vibrations with an authentic sound they call “AfroLatinRootsReggae”. This funky fresh earthly sound is the uncompromising fusion of two of the most celebrated musical genres on the planet; Roots Reggae and contemporary Cuban Son – with deep influences of 70’s Soul, Gospel, the Blues, Jazz and African folkloric idioms. At the epicenter of this soundscape are pianist, singer, composer and educator, Matt Jenson and world-renowned percussionist and composer, José Claussell. These partners in musical justice share a profound artistic vision of hope and truth expressed with poetic insights into today’s globalized culture.

Rebel Tumbao is the culmination of a journey that began back in 2002, when New Hampshire bred keyboardist, Matt Jenson approached Eddie Palmieri percussionist, José Claussell with the idea of putting together a revolutionary super-group.  During their destined meeting the two discovered that they  shared a vision to compose and perform deep-groove music, awaken souls and bring forth a new voice in the struggle for social and ecomomic justice. They immediately joined forces and went on to create an earthy distinctive sound based on Cuban, Jamaican and American urban roots music relevant to the emergency on planet earth. 

Jose Clausell
The band is a tight unit of likeminded musicians that feature the amazing soulful voice of Toussaint “The Liberator” Yeshua. On April 4 2013, they went out onto the proving grounds of New York City and produced their first show at The Delancey on the Lower East Side, and were received by a packed house full of enthusiastic music lovers. Five months later, they produced their second show at Drom, to yet another packed house and On January 18th of 2014, they performed for nine hundred plus people at the SummerStage showcase with Yuma and Hurray for the Riff Raft. The show earned them the opportunity to perform a SummerStage concert with legendary Fania vocalist, Ismael Miranda and a booking at The Blue Note NYC on Sept 1st Labor Day, where they sold out the show and broke the record for a Monday late night series. 

With their soon to be released debut recording and a continuum of live performances, Rebel Tumbao aspires to ignite a global movement in the struggle for a better world.

"Therefore we say that Rebel Tumbao 'rumbles and rave does with his rumba'", Luis Raul Montell - Jazz Caribe.

See on this website: "Rebel Tumbao debut September 1st Labor Day Concert @ The Blue Note 10:30 pm (Jose Claussell Direction and more ...) date: 08-27-2015

We invite you to enjoy this video, which is a summary of a performance in the famous Rebel Tumbao site Blue Note Jazz:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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