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Guitarist Phill Fest New CD and Live Appearance @ Sundy House this week: morning (7) and the following day (8) May, 2015

Guitarist Phill Fest
New CD
Live Appearance
@ Sundy House
Thursday & Friday
May 7 & 8 @ 6pm

West Palm Beach singer/guitarist Phill Fest (phillfest.comreleased a tough Brazilian jazz act to follow in 2013’s “Projeto B.F.C.” with his core instrumental quintet. His new release, “That’s What She Says,” features Fest with 11 other participants, which takes away some cohesion in-between several high points.
One is the opening “Meu Pai (My Father),” Fest’s dancing ode to his father, late Brazilian composer Manfredo Fest. Others include his dad’s title track and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s shimmering “Triste,” both featuring some of the guitarist’s sterling nylon-string finger-picking and bassist Russ Howard’s supple work. Yet the CD’s intermittent vocal numbers, likely added to differentiate it from “Projeto B.F.C.,” sound somewhat forced by comparison.
Latest Palm Beach County tracks: from deep South to Brazilian jazz photo
See Phill Fest at 6 p.m. on Thursday and May 8 at the Sundy House, 106 S. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL (561-272-5678).

New Brazilian Jazz courtesy of Phill Fest!
new release
le under: JAZZ RELEASE DATE: March 23rd, 2015
Band Website: www.phillfest.com
Artist: Phill Fest
Title: That’s What She Says
Label: Fest Productions, Inc.
UPC Code: 888295241182
Release Date: March 23rd, 2015
Suggested Airplay Tracks 1. 2, 6, 9
Airplay Date Starts: March 30th, 2015
Track listing, track times and composer:
1.Meu Pai (My Father) P. Fest & D. Powers
2.Chora Baiao (Cry Baiao) A. Adolfo
3.That’s What She Says M. Fest
4.Frajola (Fra-joe-la) M. & L. Fest
5.De Conversa Em Conversa H. Barbosa
6.Guararapes (Gwa-rah-rah-pays) M. & L. Fest
7.Triste A. C. Jobim
8.Choro No. 1 H. Villa Lobos
9.Estamos Ai M. Einhorn
10.Tchau For Now A. & J. Potter

Musicians: Phill Fest / Guitars & Vocals Robert Prester / Piano (Tracks 2,3,4,6,7) Dale Powers / Piano (Tracks 1,10)
Russ Howard / Bass Ronie Martinez / Drums (Tracks 1,4,6,9) Carlomagno Araya / Drums (Tracks 2,3,7)
Jacquie Medeiros / Vocals (Tracks 1,6) Terezinha Valois / Vocals (Tracks 4,9)
Jonathan Sigel / Trumpet & Flugel (Tracks 3,5,7) Andy & Jack Potter / Percussion (Tracks 6,9,10) & Special Guest Hendrik Muerkens / Harmonica (Tracks 1,4,9)

Hot on the trails blazed by "Projeto B.F.C", comes "That's What She Says" continuing
the Fest family tradition of fusing jazz harmony with Brazilian rhythms. Guitarist Phill Fest,
son of Manfredo Fest, returns with perhaps an even broader example of samba-jazz and
all of it's grace. This time around the sound pallet is expanded with the addition of trumpet/ugel, female vocals, percussionists, and again the harmonica virtuosity of Hendrik Meurkens.

Highlights include compositions by Phill, Manfredo Fest and Antonio Adolfo's "Chora Baiao",
as well as a vocal/guitar tribute to bossa creator Joao Gilberto with "De Conversa em Conversa".

Joined by stellar bandmates: Robert Prester, Ronie Martinez, Russ Howard and guests, repeated listening
is sure to ensue with this imagery inducing and uplifting music.

"Having another artist record one your compositions can be gratifying or not.‘Chora Baiao’ recorded
by friend and guitarist Phill Fest and band is totally gratifying!" Antonio Adolfo

" Phill, great version of the song ‘That's What She Says!’ I liked a lot the arrangement and the way you and the band played a lot. High energy but musical.
I liked also the contrast of the classical work in the beginning with the jazz/pop body of the recording. Congratulations " Robero Lubamgo
“It’s great to see Phill following in his father’s footsteps. How can you not become a strong samba-jazz player with a background like that?” Hendrik Muerkens

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