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Cristina Morrison - "Baronesa" Jazzheads - June 9 Release!

Cristina Morrison
New CD "Baronesa" - Jazzheads

CD Release Date: June 9, 2015
The Music Beat of Galapagos to New York City!
BARONESA (JazzHeads) is Cristina Morrison's hot, new CD scheduled to hit the streets on June 9th. The release  contains 11 tracks, 8 of which are original, with the lyrics written by Cristina and music composed by pianist Misha Piatigorsky (Baronesa's producer).

Cristina is just off a busy performance tour in Ecuador, where she is a well established performer and celebrity.  Today, living in New York City, Morrison brings her charismatic stage presence and engaging relationship with the audience to music lovers around the world.
This new album is jazz-infused, much like her first album, I LOVE, but this time around Cristina expands her horizon.  Here she sings in four languages and showcases her experience as an actress, singing in different styles and genres including: bolero, drum & bass, cha-cha-cha, lounge,  and Arabian rhythms. The result is an eclectic cross-genre world-jazz production. Her lyrics speak of love, dreams, colorful memories, the pain of losing her mother, and also about her friends and anecdotes. Cristina plays through her interpretive side not only on the record but on stage as well.  Her performance has evolved into more of a theatrical experience as she navigates through the realms and concepts within Baronesa. "It's musically complex and deep, it's a well thought out production and very very fun too!" she smiles.
Her creative process for BARONESA started on the Galapagos Islands just like I LOVE. She's committed to the Islands as a promoter of an arts education program called Arteducarte, taught in the public schools of Isabela Island. A percentage of her record sales go towards the yearly funding of the program. Recently she was honored with an invitation to speak at the first TEDx GALAPAGOS and as part of the JURY committee for the fiction feature length competition at the Havana Film Festival in New York. Cristina is also involved as a board member of the screen actors union of Ecuador.  Her latest film, Feriado, in which she played and was an associate producer, had it's world premiere at the BERLINALE last year and screened during LATINBEAT at Lincoln Center.

Cristina Morrison
Cristina Morrison: vocals
Misha Piatigorsky: piano and all keys , percussion
Conor Rayne: cajon; Willard Dyson, Ari Hoenig, Rudy Royston: drums
Danton Boller. Edward Perez, Sergio Brandão: bass
Ron Affif, Mark Hermann: guitars
Joel Frahm: tenor and soprano saxophone
Tatum Greenblatt: trumpet
Magnus Lindgren: flute
Mauricio Herrera: percussion
Victor Prieto: accordion
Frederika Krier: violin
Chorus: Misha Piatigorsky, Tatum Greenblatt, Mauricio Herrera, Anatalya Piatigorsky

"Vocalist Cristina Morrison is as worldly and well-traveled as they come. She was born in Miami and spent time living in Rome, Quito, the Galapagos Islands and Los Angeles before landing in the Big Apple, from whence she recorded this fine debut. Morrison possesses a voice that's alternately soothing, sassy, straightforward or sly, and she brings it to bear on a diverse array of original and oft-covered offerings."
- Dan Bilawsky,
Twitter: baronesaNY   

photo credit:
top - Anna Weber
bottom - Enrique Aviles 
Press Contact: Scott Thompson PR

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