martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

Pablo Menendez & Mezcla with Tilford Productions continue celebrating the successful launch of "Pura Mezcla"

Says a proverb: That what good is worth waiting "is the case of the most recent release of guitarist and vocalist Pablo Menendez & Mezcla who managed to meet the ever lively and action, best friend William" Bill "Tilford, who with his new seal -Tilford Productions LLC-achieved a great impact with the release of the album "Pura Mezcla" fully recorded live at the site of Jazz Yoshi's in Oakland.

Already in Jazz Caribe, last Sunday, we hear various topics of magnificent Album, which well deserved was called "Pura Mezcla", but this production have to hear it and enjoy full, here you can see many musical genres as there are fused to style itself this band.

The truth is that this quintet comprising: Menendez (also bandleader), Octavio Rodriguez (percussion, vocals), Roberto "Capitan" Smith (percussion, vocals), Julio Valdes (keyboards, violin, vocals) and Jose Hermida (bass , vocals), musicians make their full musical hierarchy delivery and this is truly "electrifying".

There own compositions and brilliant arrangements, such as premium and gift Pablo Menendez & Mezcla and Tilford Productions, let's enjoy the composition of Chucho Valdes "Mambo Influenciado" live from Yoshi's and is the opening track on the CD:

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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