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The guitarist Pere Soto continued removing Gypsy Jazz!

"Pere Soto amb amics" is the latest album of this icon Gypsy Jazz, entrepreneurial, creative, simple, and this leads him to achieve collect twenty four (24) musicians to give sound frontline at twelve (12) compositions comprising the CD all your creativity.

We are sure, because what we are seeing in our various media, monitoring and interest in music of Pere Soto course continue to grow and so will always be on top the Latin Jazz.

Let's see this video that contains one of the tracks on the CD "Pere Soto amb amics" called 'Notas de un amanecer' but quartet formation:

Notes on Pere Soto:

Originally from Spain this guitarist, composer, arranger and producer was interested in music from a young age, had his first experiences in the field of free-jazz, Brazilian music and blues. Countless performances as a session musician in different bands throughout Spain, led him to start his international career from 1989 with the recording of their first LP entitled Coincidencies.
From the 90s he moved to the city of Amsterdam. Participate for two years at numerous events in Holland and Europe in major venues such as Experimental Jazz Festival Eindhoven (Netherlands) with Tom Cora (NY) and Niko Langenhuisen (Amsterdam) and recorded a special program for Jazz and Co TV3 (Catalonia), with his band Pere Soto & Bill Gerhardt Quartet. In 1991 he met the American pianist Bill Gerhardt (recently was awarded 1st prize Down Beat in USA of composition and piano), together they formed the Pere Soto and Bill Gerhardt Quartet group with John Engels on drums and Arjen Gorter on bass, both Dutch first figures from the international scene. In the spring of 92 recorded in Hilversum (Netherlands) their first CD Metanoic, which was chosen as the best album of the month and one of the 12 albums of the year by JAZZ SOUTH ART FEDERATION (USA), being broadcast throughout the United States.
His second album, Private Vernacular, was recorded during the month of February 1994 in New York, this time, all the musicians were American: Jeff Ballard on drums, Ben Allison on bass, Dave Douglas on trumpet, Dave Liebman on saxophone Bill Gerhardt soprano and piano and guitar Pere Soto. In 2000 he traveled to Mexico where he is invited to the premiere of his Quartet No. 2 for string quartet, quartet next to Mexico City. Since 1984 he is leader of jazz manouche Django's Castle, with 5 discs on the market. Since 2002 he is member of the Association of Composers of Catalonia, is a connoisseur of both the jazz and the classical world. Write for different formations, from duos up for orchestra, big band, etc. and their works are being published in Spain and Slovenia and interpreted at present in Europe and America. He has played with musicians such as John Engels, Arjen Gorter, Han Beninck, Dave Douglas, Tom Cora, Niko Langenhuisen, Paul Stocker, Evan Tate, Lou Donaldson, MikeClark, Jorge Rossy, Mario Rossy, Perico Sambeat, Sean Bergin, Ron Brendel Jeff Ballard, Marc Miralta, Ben Allison, Bill Gerhardt, Joe Malinga, Tom Jone, Albert Bover, JM Farras, Lonnie Smith, Joe Gallivan, Fay Victor, Carme Canela, Carla Cook, Melva Houston, David Xirgu, Alex Coke, Martin Van Duijhoven, Tristan Honsingen, Clare Foster, Ray Appleton (ex John Coltrane), Jasper Bloom, Clarence Becton, Jimmy Rosenberg, Vania Nazare, Jaco Abel, Marta Saenz, Tayler Mitchell, Ken Basman, Hernan Hecht, Remy Alvarez, Aaron Cruz, David Valdez, John Stowell, among others. It is known for being one of the pioneers in their country of gypsy jazz, heritage of the legendary Django Reinhardt. With its Spanish group Django's Castle has recorded 8 albums and has given performances in Europe and America, especially USA. For years Pere Soto visit Mexico, where he has a second home in Oaxaca. Pere Soto recently in 2006 in the book 'Uncommon Sound " John Engel, the definitive book about the left-handed guitarists who changed music, with artists such as Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and Paul McCartney as one of the most important European left-handed guitarists in the history of the guitar.

For the millions of fans in the world of Gypsy Jazz here are recent book cover Pere Soto, who has been in high demand.

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