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Manuel Valera & Groove Square (new project) morning at Jazz Gallery, NYC

This Friday, February 13th, Valera will bring his new Groove Square project to The Jazz Gallery, a project that explores the links between Cuban rhythms and the sound and feel of plugged-in funk. In the track "Coming Down," below, Valera kicks everything off with a riff that at first sounds like something out of a mambo before bassist John Benitez and drummer E.J. Strickland jump in and immediately pull the tune into classic funk-fusion territory.

Even without the telltale sounds of Latin Jazz, "Coming Down" has the percussive chatter and lilt that makes clave-based music so rhythmically intoxicating. Don't miss your chance to hear this music that straddles time and continents to meet in the always-hopping plaza known as Groove Square.

Manuel Valera's Groove Square plays The Jazz Gallery on Friday, February 13th. The group features Valera on keyboards, John Ellis on saxophone, Nir Felder on guitar, John Benitez on bass, and E.J. Strickland on drums.

This is the invitation that makes us reach Manuel Valera:

This Week in NYC

Friday Feb 13th MV & Groove Square
At the Jazz Gallery in NYC


This week we are recording the Groove Square's first record.  It's really exciting and we have some surprise guest that are playing on it.  Stay tuned for further news regarding this.  The release is planned for October!

Also, Friday February 13th the Groove Square will be at the Jazz Gallery here in NY.

We hope you can make it out.  The jazz gallery is a very special place for all of us!

February 13 @ The Jazz Gallery in NYC
Manuel Valera on keyboards
Nir Felder on guitar 
John Ellis on saxophone
John Benitez on bass
EJ Strickland on drums

Sets @ 8pm and 10pm

1160 Broadway, 5th Fl

New York, NY 10001

Ph: (646) 494-3625

See you there


¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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