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Carol Saboya & Antonio Adolfo BRAZILIAN JAZZ, this Saturday Jan. 3, 2014/ 8 pm @ Arts Garage Delray Beach, Fl

Carol Saboya & Antonio Adolfo
Sat, 1/3 | 8pm
Arts Garage Delray Beach, Fl

Arts Garage, 180 NE First Street, Delray Beach FL 

Sun Sentinel
By Barbara Corbellini Duarte, SouthFlorida.com

Jazz duo's collaboration a family affair 

Brazilian artists Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya perform Saturday at Arts Garage.

For Brazilian pianist Antonio Adolfo and singer Carol Saboya, music is more than just a passion. It's part of their DNA.
"I think it's a genetic thing. I was born with it, with this desire to do something artistic," says Saboya, who also happens to be Adolfo's daughter.
The desire may have been there from the beginning, but growing up listening to her father compose melodies in the piano has helped. Adolfo has released 25 albums of Brazilian jazz and other popular rhythms, and has toured with iconic Brazilian singers and musicians such as Elis Regina and Milton Nascimento.
 Adolfo and Saboya will perform together Jan. 3 at the Arts Garage in Delray Beach. They'll perform songs from their most recent album together, "Here and There," which features Brazilian and American jazz songs, and songs from their next album, "Copa Village," to be released on Feb. 10.
 The album "Here and There" is also a reflection of Adolfo's and Saboya's lives. Adolfo lives in Hollywood and Saboya lives in Brazil, but both travel a lot.
 "I come to Brazil a lot. I have shows, workshops. And she goes to the United States a lot to do shows," Adolfo says in a phone interview from Brazil. "We recorded the album in Brazil, but we mixed it [in the U.S.] so the album is all like this, here and there."
 Father and daughter have shared the stage since 1995, when Saboya debuted as a singer with a show in Rio de Janeiro. But it was a decade before they recorded and released an album together, when they performed together in a music festival at the University of Miami. The album "Antonio Adolfo e Carol Saboya Live" was released in 2006.
"I had this intuition. I've always thought one day she would become a singer because she's always been very tuned, very musical," Adolfo says.
Working together has also become a way for father and daughter to spend time together."Musically, there's a mutual respect from both sides. It's all joy. We rehearse, and it's good because we can catch up on life," Saboya says. "But when we're on stage, we're two artists. We don't mix things up."
Saboya says the U.S. audience and market has been more receptive than Brazil.
"Here in Brazil, the radio stations only play what will bring money. And the music that I do is not that commercial," she says. "In other countries, the stations don't have so much prejudice. They play everything. So there's more space for the type of music I do, and people appreciate this exported Brazilian music."
Saboya and Adolfo perform at 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 3, at the Arts Garage, 180 NE First Street, Delray Beach. $25-$45 forindividual tickets, and $195-$250 for table for six. Call 561-450-6357 or visit ArtsGarage.org

New CD
Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo, Hendrik Meurkens
"Copa Village"
Carol Saboya-vocals, , Antonio Adolfo-piano, Hendrik Meurkens-harmonica & vibraphone,
Claudio Spiewak-acoustic & electric guitars,  Itaiguara Brandão-bass,
Adriano Santos-drums,  André Siqueira-percussion

Street Date: February 10, 2015

As a preview to what will this presentation, we will hear Carol Savoya, with the theme "Ela e Carioca" in this video set to the beaches and garotas of Rio de Janeiro and sumenle music that contribute Antonio Adolfo and Hendrik Meurkens from the piano and harmonica, so no lost chance to know in advance what will be another success over these stars of Latin Jazz "copa Village":

Media Contact
Jim Eigo

Radio Contact
Mike Hurzon 


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