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"Gozando" with Lannie Battistini Latin Jazz's and his new "Nomenclatura"

It was 2007 and had had news about a Puerto Rican pianist name Lannie Battistini, Me said that I had to hear it, which loaded a train of own music of the. Find it was not easy, but occurred as a result of the launch her CD "Hands in Motion Latin Jazz", able to contact you, not, to his beloved wife Neysa, who immediately proceeded to send me the new material record label.

I must say, before continuing, which even if it has no name and surname of the Caribbean, Lanny is more latino than any of us and defends his origin and identity, of the Isla del Encanto, as very few. Nothing therefore has achieved a host of sympathies.

But "chevere" is when you hear their music, the known all styles of and rhythms of our region and other also, sambanova, and puts them in practice in their productions, bringing his followers into a pleasant musical diversion.

Because "Gozando" is one of his themes flags to be got into the soul of many people.Then came "En la Cima" album in which denotes, even more, his own and original growth as composer, producer, pianist, band leader.And as they say over there 'the bottle cap' is this "Nomenclatura" which Lannie shows regia versatility and talent. He is the composer, as always, everything running except "El Cumbanchero" in honor of the illustrious Rafael Hernandez, magnificent arrangement of Lannie.

The Latin Jazz always present with emblems of rhythms of accents from countries of the American continent, is fusion offering us Lannie Battistini. We want highlight also the presentation and launch of "Nomenclature" exquisite and well deserved, such as musicians who support Battistini.

This CD "Nomenclatura" is so wide that it will sound much, a lot, around the world. But don't let hear their other productions.

Lannie Battistini always sounds in Jazz Caribe...Gozalo!

We invite to enjoy this video (live) Lannie Battistini and his musicians with this world famous piece by the Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco "Moliendo Cafe":

A few notes about Lannie Battistini:

Lannie Battistini was born and raised in Mayaguez and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He naturally loved music from the tender age of 5 and developed his gift when his grandmother bought him a toy piano, in which he would mimic and play all the tunes he heard on the radio.
By the age of 15, never having taken one music lesson, his mother was booking him to entertain guests at hotels and private parties.
By the time he was 19 yrs. of age, he was accepted at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and by 23 yrs. of age, he finished his studies. He majored in arranging and composition and minored in film scoring, utilizing the piano as his main instrument. His inspiration and jazz roots were inspired by jazz artists, such as Oscar PetersonMcCoy TynerChick CoreaHerbie Hancock, and Keith Jarrett.
Through the years, Lannie developed a unique eclectic style in his arrangements and productions by always re-inventing and creating innovative music styles that are commercially accepted. He also integrates his multi-instrumentalist skills within many music genres in his productions. You can not only appreciate many of his compositions within his own self-produced Latin Jazz albums, but also for those of artists that are looking for original songs to be able to transcend to another level within the industry.
Lannie was first known as a performing Pop/Jazz artist before his peers recognized him and respected him as a skilled and well seasoned producer. He also continues to perform at Jazz Festivals and prestigious venues such as, The Borinquen Jazz Fest, Heineken Ventana al Jazz Fest Series, Rumbeando Jazz Concert Series, Picante Jazz Concert Series & Jazz del Patio Concerts in Puerto Rico, St. Pete Fridays Jazz Concert Series, (WSJT 91.4), Miami at WDNA's Fine Arts Concert Series, Clearwater Jazz Holiday Fest, St. Armand Jazz Fest, Sarasota Jazz Fest, Florida Summer Fest, Florida State Fair Hispanic Fest, "Viva la Musica" at Seaworld in Orlando and in Busch Gardens, The Dali Museum and The Mchaffey Theater, just to mention a few.
In the 28+ years dedicated to his music, he has won numerous recognitions, certificates and awards for his song-writing abilities as well as his performances. He has also had the honor to share live stages as a pianist/keyboardist with well-known and legendary artists and groups such as: Batacumbele, Giovanni Hidalgo, Dave Valentin, Papo Vazquez, Rie Akagi (The magic Flute from Japan), Humberto Ramirez, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Pedro Guzman, Charlie Sepulveda, Anthony Carrillo, Paoli Mejias, Tito Puente and Jose Feliciano, to name a few. Lannie also toured throughout the US and Latin America with internationally known Latin Pop artists such as El Puma, Ednita Nazario, Victor Manuel and Olga Tañon.

While touring for over 2 years with Olga Tañon, Lannie was the piano/keyboardist who participated in the live recorded album, "Olga Viva, Viva Olga", at the "House of Blues" in Orlando, Florida. This album won a Grammy in the Latin Pop category of 2000.
For a while, he lived in Los Angeles, where he was involved in productions with Kenny Passarelli, the bassist for Elton John and produced for the record label Acid Jazz Records.
In 1994, he opened his first studio LKB Music and dedicated most of his time as a producer for independent recording artists & Original jingle producer for several Major Ad Agencies. In 1998, he opened his present business, Hands In Motion Music & Ad Media which is a record Label, recording studio and Publicity , distribution agency for the Indie Artist. Here he spends most of his time producing, composing, arranging, and applying his song-writing abilities for his recording artists, specializing in several music genres.
At present, Lannie has headquartered his business in Florida and has done so for the past 9 years. Although his busy production schedule keeps him from going back to his performing roots on a regular basis, he regularly takes the time to accept certain live engagements during the year especially when special invitations or when he is releasing a new Album.
Lannie produced his first album "Hands In Motion- Latin Jazz," which was released in the spring of 2009. His second CD, "En la Cima" (At the Top) was released internationally through his own label, Hands in Motion Music, in April 2011. His 3rd Latin jazz album, "Nomenclatura" released in May 2014. His passion for music together with his God-given gift as a virtuoso pianist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, composer and songwriter always convey to the listener the true meaning of letting the music flow from his Creator through his fingertips.
¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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