jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Benjamin Lapidus & Kari-B3 + guest stars celebrate "OCHOSI BLUES"

It could no be otherwise. Seems to us that the release of "OCHOSI BLUES" by Benjamin Lapidus & Kari-B3 will constitute one of the great feasts of the year, and therefore memorable

Since the beginning of this new creation by Ben (guitar and tres) there has been a manifest commitment to originality in compositions, arrangements, where musicians and vocalists, to give results like today we perceive with "OCHOSI BLUES", a sound and music enjoyable from start to finish. 

Such is the quality of music that we perceive with "OCHOSI BLUES" that lives up to the cover of the album, creating the fine artist Dennis Mario (Island of Enchantment 1995) called "Congo Blue and Chango" truly shocking and verycolorful. It is a unique transfer to our Afro-Caribbean origins. 

Quickly "OCHOSI BLUES" sounds hard everywhere, including Jazz Caribe. On this website you can get more information in the article of July 31 this year, "Benjamin Lapidus & Kari B3 -"Ochosi Blues "- Release Tomorrow" when they went out into the street and later in the Playlist. 

But now if the 
big party comes to which all are invited and notify in advance to those that are not lost !. 

Benjamin Lapidus & Kari-B3 and its guest stars celebrate "OCHOSI BLUES"!


¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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