jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

AC Jazz Project: "Conga Buena" hits hard

Speaking of AC Jazz Project we can not ignore a Long John Oliva original leader of this proposal, who physically is not among us, but those who we met it pleasantly remember it for his contagious joy and delivery by providing the best of the. 

After the death of the versatile conga player all I am there... as if they paralyzed the world, spent several years after LJO had produced their first CD's:"Lucumi"," "Buscando la Ortografia"and "Buleya", for his legacy revived.

PJ Oliva, his widow, and William Tilford with trumpeter Josiel Perez, the head, managed to gather a few, but musicians of front-line experience in other groups with a variety of styles, ands o that celebrate the release of "Conga Buena", which proved to be a success at Catalina Jazz Club in September of last year. 

Josiel, a musical talent, next to Jimmy Branly (drums), Kamasi Washington (saxophone), Fermin Sifontes (piano), Luis Conte (congas), Yosmel Montejo (bass), Alberto Tamayo (vocal), Dennis Chambers (drums in "Three Nuts Rumba" achieved the objective  "Conga Buena".

And how has come to us the most recent video of AC Jazz Project from his performance at the University of California, San Diego, we want to share it with you and incidentally it's Groove that opens the CD called "Conga Buena": 'Big Bad Dena' in the drums Calixto Oviedo.


¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!


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