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Machete Records released (02/08/2014) the CD "Siempre Clasico", featuring cuban master vocalist Ernesto Oviedo with The John Santos Sextet

Ernesto Oviedo

"Siempre Clasico" is the historic debut CD by cuban master vocalist: Ernesto Oviedo. Oviedo is one of the pre-eminent boleristas (singer of romantic ballads) in the world today. He is from a royal cuban musical family of soneros -the son of pioneer tresero/composer Isaac Oviedo and older brother of Buena Vista Social Club tresero Papi Oviedo-. The cuban son runs his veins, but it is the bolero , beloved throughout Latin America and deeply evolved in Cuba, that has become his trademark. His exquisite renditions of classic boleros from all over Latin America have put him in a unique class of traditional vocalists that few if any, can touch today.

Until now, Oviedo was Cuba's best-kept secret despite over 60 years as a professional vocalist who has toured the world! His Johnny Hartamn -esque sound and range raise eyebrows as they melt hearts. He wowed the sold out, brand new 700-sea SFJAZZ center on two songs as a guest with John Santos' Filosofia Caribeña project in march 2013, bringing the audience to their feet for a standing ovation! Oviedo had never been to the United States before his show stopping guest appearance with Santos. He is a member of the legendary Orquesta Estrellas Cubanas (founded in 1959) in Habana.

The "Siempre Clasico"  CD was released last February 8, 2014 at SFJAZZ Center, Miner Auitorium (See 01/07/2014 "Several presentations SFJAZZ Center John Santos Sextet will have soon"). The concert, also entitled "Siempre Clasico", was part of  SFJAZZ Resident Artistic Director: John Santos second reason. The presentation of Ernesto Oviedo was accompanied by internationally renowned John Santos Sextet with specials guests Jose Roberto Hernandez and cuban percusion master Orestes Vilato. The turnout at Miner Auditorium could enjoy a unique spectacle with romantic songs of Havana vocalized by one of the greats of Cuba: Ernesto Oviedo.

"Siempre Clasico" (Machete Records M212) produced by John Santos for his Machete Records label, is the first and only recording featuring Ernesto Oviedo under his own name!. It showcases his matery within the context of several genres of traditional Cuban music such the bolero, son, rumba, bembe, afro and the regal danzon. The compositions are all timesless masterpieces going back as early as the 1930s. Each is intimately and exquisitely rendered by Maestro Oviedo, reverently accompanied by musicians who had never workerd with him before (with the exception of Santos). These recording include the John Santos Sextet featuring  Dr. John Calloway, Melecio Magdaluyo, Saul Sierra, Marco Diaz and David Flores with specials guests Jose Roberto Hernandez, Anthony Blea and Orestes Vilato. Oviedo and Vilato are long-time admirers of each other's work, meeting for the first time aroun this recording project. It was like two sorcerers who were chilhood friends making magic as they had done togheter for lifetimes!

This is a great project, a great CD, was an important concert of a musical gem that captures the attention of everyone waiting for future presentations!!

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!
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