miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

Bronx Conexión Latin-Jazz Big Band "Naked" in Lehman College, NY

For Jazz Caribe and Jazz Global Beat is honored to bring this video filmed (Alfie Alvarado) Nov. 21, 2013 within the activities carried out under the Johnny Pacheco Latin Music and Jazz Festival.
The Latin Jazz arrived at Lehman College, New York, that day as we promote, with Victor Rendon (leader and timbales) and Bronx Connection Latin Jazz Band, consisting of (Congas) Wilson "Chembo" Corniel(Bongos) Yasuyo Kimura(Auxilary percussion) Cascadu (Drumset) Ron Smith(Flute) Jessica Valiente(Saxes) Al Acosta, Debra Kreisberg, Joe Stelutti, Chris Stelutti, Karl Watson(Trumpets) Anibal Martinez, Guido Gonzales, Willie Olenick, Luis Perez, Armando Rodriguez(Trombones) Rick Faulkner, Leonard Walworth, Stattel Rob Thomas Sullivan(Piano) Joe Mannozzi(Bass) Nelson Torres
Enjoy it!
¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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