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Tourism+Gourmet+Jazz= ARUBA (Netherlands Antilles)

Exactly one year ago we were at the last moment to take flight to the neighboring island of Aruba and loved nothing better than to remember all the good things that happen in life.The top executives, representatives of the Aruba Tourism Office in Venezuela ,  Licensed Dabian Miriam and Santiago Johana, had everything arranged properly coordinated , as always, to the smallest detail was covered .Upon landing at Queen Beatrix Airport colorful capital of Oranjestad , two people were waiting for the Aruba Tourism Authority ( ATA ) , which not only would our visits guide, but our friends Ricardo Croes and Raysa Asbby , excellent professional and better as people.They commented that one of the special guests, Hamid Ahmad Jr., Colombian press, was waiting in the Restaurant " Mulligans " Hotel where he was assigned Divi Links Golf Resort , for dinner was about 7:00 pm and subsequently went to " Carrubian Festival " in the town of San Nicolas , but dinner was spread and which Mr. Maduro, Hotel Executive, and others known to the IslandSo this " Carnavalito folk " that perform every Thursday in San Nicolas stay tuned for a new opportunity.
We who have been practitioners and managers of national golf enjoyed for years from the moment of the stay in this Hotel, Divi Links Golf Resort , the beauty of golf , 18 holes, beachfront - own - links , the clubhouse and the facilities for the golfer and tourists. But we must confess, I know very well the island, by the amount of times we have visited this Resort is one of the most complete and modern which is currently the Island which is also known as the successful slogan " One Happy Island" . This front of Eagle Beach in the same line of Palm Beach.The next day, Friday 5, have the first day of Festival and the day we had an agenda of activities including touring the Island to discover , in my case cool , tourist and historical sites such as the Faro Blanco California 1914 Chapel Alto Vista 1750 Almost Rocks formation Bari, Bebe Natural bridge and other .Lunch was set for " The Old Fisherman " located in downtown Oranjestad, casual but since last night had begun in " Mulligans " gourmet tour , along with sea food here all the timetasty ! . A detail our hosts are music lovers and Ricardo frontline singer and musician is to wow.In the afternoon we took a tour of the beautiful white sand beach , comforting and calming.Before moving to the Festival were in the Restaurant the " Papiamento " where we took great pleasure marine and other traditional wines accompanied by good bouquet .The night had interesting presentations Randy Brecker, Fourplay , Chaka Khan , ratified undoubtedly because of his fame in the Contemporary Jazz and Soul , but the expectation was focused on Kuenta I Tambu song and dance group African Jazz Antillean no doubt leave its large coupling and originality. Others such as Sazon Cubano left good impression on the audience that filled the three scenarios willing JFK , IOL and Auditorium.
Could be observed not only local fans, but many Dutch and neighboring countries giving warmth and excitement to the Festival .The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba 2012 would continue the next day again with Brecker , Pete Philly and Oscar D' Leon as main attractions , but so was the ArubaSchool of Music Ensemble , but earlier in the morning I walked the golf course, taking a few shovels and poteando until lunch time when the batch gourmet continued in the "Queen" in the Palm Beach Plaza Mall , with more seafood, then advance in entertainment and sports u8n captivating as is the sailing, as always here in Pelican Adventures catamaran , another enactment of the sunken bracos , which served as coral planting .At dinner we were offered at the Blue Lobster in Palm Beach I was asked about why Oscar D' Leon and Latin Jazz played not answered them , which has given Robert Incelli saxophonist compositions , which was part of his orchestra and who develops brilliant career in our musical genre , but it seems more interested in the commercial .The facilities used were no longer sufficient for the amount of people attending the festival, on a night where again radiant and musicians recorded their quality, but for us the highlight was the arrival and intervention of Maite Hontele trumpeter , whom I call D' Leon on stage to give the best of ecstatic and satisfied and let the audience that cheered admiringly. She is now one of the most glittering figures of Latin Jazz .
The next day , I could see , in the morning at breakfast transfer to the " Moomba Beach" in Haducurari have been developing smoothly as any front line equal Palm Beach with colorful tones , indicative of the continuing development of the IslandThe Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival - Aruba- as always am a success and give our congratulations to the organizers , year after year , working for the same grow . The Aruba Tourism Authority in coordination with their representaes in Caracas , Lic. Dabian and Santiago, and their delegates Croes and Ashby, made ​​it possible for our stay , as at other times you were pleasant and perform the test our work.
But if You look , beaches , tourism high, are gourmet and like the Jazz are on time for one (1 ) month of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba 2013 , I look for a new arena, more broadly, the Renaissance Festival Plaza , on the shores of the Caribbean Sea , where the 4th and October 5th will be on stage George Benson , who has a back lit, the Gran Combo of Puerto Rico with more than 50 years offering the best tropical rumba , Willie Garcia , Jose James and Sazon Cuban repeated request , among others.

Let's get everyone to Aruba " One Happy Island".


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