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Justo Almario Afro-Colombiam Jazz @Catalina Jazz Club

Justo Almario en Accion
Sunday, June 23, 2013
Hour: 7,30 p.m.
A multitalented master saxophonist , flutist, clarinetist, composer, arranger and clinician, has a long list of distinguished accomplishments. His style is a fusion of Jazz, South American, and other world rhythms which are a reflection of his own elegant yet humble style. Mr. Almario’s mesmerizing sounds have been heard in Grammy-Award winning works such as Linda Ronstadt’s “Frenesi,” Placido Domingo’s “A Mi Alma Latina,” Luis Miguel’s “Romance,” Andrae Crouch’s “Mercy,” and Isreal Lopez Cachao’s “Master S...essions” & “Ahora Si;” as well as the Oscar-winning soundtracks from Happy Feet and Sideways.
Mr. Almario’s playing has been featured on diverse projects, such as Queen Latifah’s “Living Outloud,” Jennifer Lopez’s hit HBO Special “Let’s Get Loud,” Andy Garcia’s “The Lost City,” and John Turturo’s “Romance and Cigarette” staring Susan Sarandon and James Gadolfini. Mr. Almario has also been featured on various Platinum and Gold records and soundtracks, including “More Dirty Dancing”, “Wow Worship,” and Ron Kenoly’s “Lift Him Up.”

Aaron Serfaty

Performing his own style of Afro-Colombian Jazz, he will be accompanied by:

Joe Rotondi - Piano
Guillermo Guzman - Bass                               
Aaron Serfati - drums
Eduardo Martinez - Percussion
Nota: Aaron Serfaty es un venezolano muy destacado en la batería y también como educador.
Ha liderado sus propias bandas y en esta oportunidad respalda con su experiencia al notable Justo Almario.


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