martes, 28 de julio de 2015

"The new star of Japan in New York: Mari Koga",,,¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

"She is here to stay, his voice is melodious, with Latin jazz swing, nice personality and great stage presence: Mari Koga". Luis Raul Montell-Jazz Caribe.

I just started, as always, to know very well the proposal of Miss Mary Koga and it is perfect its production as the name of his CD "Perfect Blue".

The Miss Koga shows his passion for Latin music, but with "charm" without estrindencias more with feeling and originality, adding Jazz. So does flamenco and boleros in Jazz.

Mari Koga 
Besides being a singer divine, the Koga Miss, is a composer, arranger, poet and producer of "Perfect Blue".
Miss Mari Koga took the decision to convene excellent musicians as: Chiemi Nakai (piano), Pedro Giraudo and Ruben Rodriguez (bass), Vince Cherico (drums), Alejandro Aviles (tenor sax), Willie Ruiz (congas and maracas) and "Chino" Nuñez (timpani), among others, for her to find what she wanted and succeeds.

The Koga Miss has continuously presentations on the best places Jazz New York City where she shows her talent and passion for Latin Jazz. Your voice is your weapon frenzy leading to listeners.

We, as always, share the best with you, who are lovers of good music and Mari Koga have here in this video with a piece of his CD "Perfect Blue":

¡¡Viva The Latin Jazz!!

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